The ‘Confident Carson City Coin Collector’ now available

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Rusty Goe’s three-volume set, “The Confident Carson City Coin Collector,” answers myriad questions asked by his clients during his three-plus-decade career as a coin dealer, researcher and author.
Goe says in his introduction that informed and knowledge-based collectors derive the most pleasure and gratification from their collecting pursuits. Thus, they have the confidence to make the right decisions.
Goe argues the Carson City Mint and its coins provide hobbyists with some of the most fascinating studies in all of numismatics. He says there is no doubt that “CC” coins are extremely popular among collectors of all stripes. He believes his newest release will stimulate more interest as well as provide much-needed information for those who desire to pursue the topics in greater depth.
Goe is a recognized authority on the Carson City Mint’s history and the coins that have survived from that institution. His previous two award-winning books are The Mint on Carson Street (2003) and James Crawford: Master of the Mint at Carson City (2007). His has assisted many collectors in building praiseworthy sets of Carson City coins. In 2005 he founded the Carson City Coin Collectors of America. The club’s journal, Curry’s Chronicle, won numerous awards.
Goe’s new reference work consists of three volumes comprising 2,500 pages.
Sharp, full-color images of all 111 date-denominations comprising a basic complete set of Carson City coins permeate the pages. For each date-denomination Goe presents a Historical Setting section that provides readers with glimpses of operations at the Carson City Mint during the years in which the coins were made.
Also, these sections feature pertinent stories about Nevada and the United States within the same timeframe. Given these perspectives, Goe then guides readers through the Coin Commentary sections for each date-denomination. Surviving population data, pricing information (from the past and in the present), and pedigrees are systematically codified. Hundreds of auction appearances of Carson City coins are cited.
Goe also teaches readers how to evaluate the physical qualities of individual coins, observing their positive as well as negative characteristics.
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