Recipe: For Easter, ham it is, by David Theiss

Easter’s upon us
And conclusions are near,
The meal that feeds plenty
Should be easy and clear.

But ponder you must
To make a decision
A place and a time
With such great provision.

Oh what to have
Is always the query,
How big and how many
Let’s talk just in theory.

There’s grandma and grandpa,
And 8 kids all tally,
4 aunts and uncles ,
That’s quite a big rally!

How many is too many
You always seem to ask
I wonder myself
During these days of masks.

Awe heck, let’s think simple,
Throw two parties of 10.
Brunch with the siblings and
Dinner with Sven!

Since we are cooking
I think we can pick
What we will have
How easy and quick!

What’s tasty and easy
That’s served with both meals,
Something you cook once
And it’s really a deal?

Ham I suggest,
Ham it shall be!
Making those choices
It’s great to be me!

Make sure you buy plenty,
The leftovers are great,
From soup to crusty sandwiches,
I feel it is fate!

So have fun at Easter
Wherever you are,
Remember the family
That’s not very far.

Ham is the savior-
So tasty and flexible.
Family will love you
It’s really delectable!

Try this great, French-inspired, ham sandwich — my version of Croque Monsieur! Slice your leftover ham thinly and with a delicious Gruyere cheese make this open face, crusty, cheesy, ham sandwich that is sure to please!

1/2 inch slices French bread
1/2 pound Sliced ham
1/2 pound Grated Gruyere cheese
2 pats butter

In a large frying pan (better if it is oven safe) melt butter on med-high heat. Place four pieces of French bread in the pan and brown one side. Flip bread, place ham on the crusted side of the bread, and pile on the cheese over the ham. The cheese will fall over the edges — that’s OK it makes tasty crusty cheese.

Add the last pat of butter and let the other side of the bread brown up for another minute. Then put the entire pan under the broiler for 4-5 minutes. Watch carefully! You want to pull it out of the oven just as the cheese is bubbling and slightly turning brown. And serve, make sure you share the crusty cheese!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

David Theiss is owner of Butler Meats in Carson City.


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