Letters to the Editor for March 27, 2021

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

‘In Their Footsteps’ focus on women vets
I searched, “Vietnam Veterans Day,” and discovered the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation will celebrate Women’s History Month and Vietnam Veteran Day.
Infinite Variety Productions, IVP, took the stories of five vets’ and wrote a 55-minute play, “In Their Footsteps.”
IVP used actors. The five women were Ann Kelsey, Special Services Librarian; Judy Jenkins Guadino, Special Services Recreation Employee; Jeanne “Sam” Christie, Red Cross Donut Dollie; Lily Adams, U.S. Army nurse; and Doris “Lucki” Allen, U.S. Army intelligence specialist.
“In Their Footsteps” is hosted by the Special Service Librarian, Ann Kelsey.
Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about “In Their Footsteps until March 23. I don’t know if either of these websites will help you, “after the fact.”
https://www.njvvmf.org or https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_lh3oMegQReeWTCikPTO4RA
Ken Beaton
Carson City
Safe, easy and informative
My husband and I have received both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and would like to share the positive experience that we had with Carson City Health and Human Services.
The drive-through vaccination site at Carson High School was efficiently run by CCHHS and the National Guard. At the time of vaccination, we were texted a link to the CDC’s “vsafe” site.
At regular intervals we were sent a short questionnaire (from which we had the choice to opt out) about any symptoms we were experiencing (I had slight itching at the vaccination site, and my husband had some slight discomfort in his joints for a couple of days).
Had we reported any severe symptoms, we would have received a call to help us with any reaction we may have had.
This exchange served two valuable purposes: It gave us a safety-link should we have needed it, and, equally importantly, it provided virologists and medical doctors invaluable data in the fight against COVID-19. In sharing our vaccination experience with friends and family who have received their vaccinations in other cities/states, I was surprised to hear that their vaccination sites did not provide the same service. Again, kudos to Carson City Health and Human Services.
I go to their COVID-19 vaccine site regularly: they report every weekday on new case- and recovery- numbers; the site outlines who currently qualifies for vaccination (at this time recommending that those 16-64 years old with underlying condition should get the vaccine at participating pharmacies or private providers); there are links to pharmacies that are providing vaccinations; answers to frequently-asked questions about the vaccine; a link to appointment-scheduling resources for seniors.
Go to gethealthycarsoncity.org.
Jackie Field
Carson City
Leaders are destroying U.S.
It has been one year since America shut down because of COVID-19. The closures have devoured our small businesses, resulting in a sharp rise in unemployment. Suicide rates have gone up as well.
The problem is, some of our national leaders just don't seem to care anymore. They choose to incite racism as a weapon in order to get what they want. They want to remove our statues by any means necessary while doing absolutely nothing about riots or businesses being destroyed by perpetrators. They want to silence the Americans by erasing or canceling as much of our culture as they can. They want to steal our Second Amendment, our right to bear arms.
And the saddest part? We, as Americans, are allowing this to happen. It is time for us to grow some spines and backbones. We need to tell our national leaders how extremely disappointed we are with them. I will not allow them to destroy America or let our U.S. Constitution crumble.
Lastly, I want no more masks or social distancing ever again; reopen America now!
Joshua Dealy
Carson City


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