Nevada approaching 2 million doses administered

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Nevada has now administered 1.94 million doses of coronavirus vaccines.
That means 46 percent of the state’s residents and workers have at least started the process. Of them, 34 percent have now completed vaccinations.
Karissa Loper, who is managing the vaccination process at the state level, said they are now looking to expand the places where people can get a vaccination to beyond traditional vaccine sites. She said 275 providers are now enrolled to receive and administer shots including family practices, Ob-Gyns and rural health clinics. Loper said the goal is to provide shots where people are most comfortable — namely the physicians and pharmacists they already know and use.
“We’re seeing the need to become more convenient, more mobile, making sure we can get on to employer sites,” she said.
She said they are also preparing to get teens as young as 12 vaccinated once the CDC and FDA clear the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J vaccines for people younger than 16. She said they will engage more pediatricians as well as other health care providers.
Asked about the impact of Cinco de Mayo, Task Force Director Caleb Cage said he can only repeat what they have been saying for a year — that people should monitor themselves for symptoms, get tested and follow CDC distancing and other recommendations including Nevada’s statewide mask mandate.
As for the state, he said the positivity rate remains at 5.7 percent where it has been for well over a week.
The mobile vaccination units have now completed their first circuit through Nevada and are preparing to return to deliver the second shots of Pfizer and Moderna or the single J&J shot in rural communities. Almost 2,900 doses have been administered on the north route and 2,100 shots on the southern route.
Only Elko and Lyon counties are currently flagged for risk of increased virus transmission. Lyon remains the only county with a double-digit test positivity rate.
Carson City’s rate is now below the 8 percent cutoff at 7.4 percent. Churchill is at 6.5 percent and Douglas at 6.8 percent.


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