Faith & Insight: Happy Thanksgiving

Ken Haskins

Ken Haskins

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This time of the year, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Those who take time to count their many blessings realize just how rich they are-possessing true riches that money cannot buy.
Americans are rich by world standards. It has been said that in America, "every man is a king and every woman is a queen." "Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" are held in high esteem in America.
Countless immigrants have answered Lady Liberty's beckoning call and made their way to America's shores and borders, seeking a better way of life. And in America, it's more than a dream.
If Carson City is your home, you are rich. Carson City has a rich history and is the capital of Nevada. Carson City is conveniently located near great tourist locations, such as Lake Tahoe, Reno, Virginia City and Genoa. At the foot of the Sierra, Carson City enjoys a high desert climate, seasons that are beautiful and not too harsh. Outdoor activities are enjoyed year 'round.
Carson City's greatest assets are her people. Carsonites are generous to a fault and they demonstrate everyday what it means to be good neighbors.
If you have a loving family, good friends and a church home, you are rich. You have unconditional love, forgiveness, warmth, fellowship, encouragement and joy. You have countless, precious memories too.
You have eternal riches if Jesus is your Lord and Savior. Your name is written in the Lamb's book of life. You have a prepared place in the Father's house.
Every Sunday, hundreds of millions of Christians gather in countless churches to celebrate a weekly Thanksgiving feast that was instituted by Jesus himself. The Apostle Paul asks, "Is not the cup of thanksgiving for which we give thanks a participation in the blood of Christ? And is not the bread that we break a participation in the body of Christ?"
So, as Christians, may we gather every Lord's Day and celebrate the Lord's Supper with sincere and grateful hearts. Let us proclaim His death on the day of the week that he was raised from the dead... and let us thank God for "his indescribable gift" — the gift of his only, begotten son, Jesus!
Yes, let us count our many blessings. Have a very happy Thanksgiving!
Ken Haskins in pastor at First Christian Church in Carson City.


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