Silver & Snowflakes: With Max the Grinch was lonely no more

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What kind of dog would want an owner like the Grinch? Dogs, we all know, are the friendly and loving sort and just want to please their owner, even if that owner is named the Grinch.
We know the Grinch was a lonely sort, living alone in his mountain cave high atop Mt. Crumpet with no one to talk to or love. Yes, even a Grinch gets lonely and needs companionship. So, we can only surmise the Grinch went to a local shelter (like the one we have in Carson City) in search of a companion as lonely as he.
There he saw a shivering scruffy little mutt who had been at the shelter for weeks and when that little mutt looked into the eyes of the Grinch and shyly wagged his tail, that miserable Grinch heart did soften a bit. Dogs, as we all know, do not judge and do not care how we look.
So, the Grinch reached down to scratch the floppy-eared mutt and was rewarded by the little dog scratching him back. This small gesture cemented the deal and next thing the little mutt knew, the Grinch picked him up and to his new home he went in the arms of the Grinch who now called him Max.
As we all know, Max was a loyal companion to the Grinch even when the Grinch was mean-spirited, for he knew deep down, the Grinch was lonely and had a kind heart and just needed someone like him to love.
Max felt so lucky to leave the shelter behind and to be loved and cared for by the Grinch who took him for walks every day to explore Mt. Crumpet and chase rabbits and squirrels. He especially loved the antler chews the Grinch gave him to nibble in his bed placed in front of the fireplace. He even let the Grinch dress him as Rudolph – red nose and all - and though he did not think he was strong enough to pull a sleigh, he did as he was commanded just to please his master. That’s just how dogs are.
We all know how the story ends and Max was not surprised when the Grinch came to love Christmas and all the residents of Whoville who in turn came to love the Grinch and most especially Max. Dogs are a patient sort and full of love that makes their owners deeply love them right back. All the Grinch needed was a bit of puppy love to be able to give love.
Max wants the Grinch to take him to Benson’s Feed on Saturday, December 4th between 9:30 am-3pm to have their picture taken together to support CASI’s efforts to help shelter dogs like him, for
there may be a loyal and loving dog just like Max to take home from the Nevada Humane Society shelter in Carson City or Reno to make family holidays bright for many years to come.


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