Silver & Snowflakes: Santa could be your neighbor!

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Santa doesn’t always live at the North Pole, you know! Like many other families, he likes to travel and if he really likes a place, he and Mrs. Claus buy a second home and make that their home away from the frigid North Pole after the holidays.
In many cases, between January and November, he, and his family live much like the rest of us.  
I recently had a chance to sit down with Santa and gleaned some rather interesting information to share with you.
When he’s not directing elves at the North Pole or flying his sleigh to deliver gifts, Santa works and for 28 years, he worked at various Walmart stores in our area so he could learn what kinds of toys appealed to children so he could bring the ideas back to his workshop in the North Pole for the elves to make. The only way you could tell him from the rest of the workers was by his unmistakable white beard and his jolly demeanor.
Santa loves to cook for crowds and has cooked for crowds up to 400 and especially loves to BBQ. Cooking makes him happy, and he can cook just about anything. He doesn’t much like cooking for just two, since he is used to have all the elves sit at his table when at the North Pole.
As you would imagine, Santa loves children and he and Mrs. Claus are proud of their three grandchildren, three great grandchildren and soon there will be another two “greats” added to his family. Guess what! Santa’s grandchildren all were born in Nevada, Santa’s very special home away from home.
When not commanding his beloved sleigh, Santa does love his 1800 Goldwing Honda. You just might catch him in his Santa suit zipping through the city though the motorcycle is earthbound. Of course, Santa loves to fly and encounters very little traffic on Christmas Eve when flying about.
You’ll spot Santa and some of his elves as you travel through Carson City this holiday season. If you missed him, you will enjoy seeing him in person at the annual Silver and Snowflakes Festival in front of the Capital.
Pssst, here’s a secret … to most of us, he is just jolly ole Santa Claus but when not in his Santa mode, many know him by his pseudonym of Tom Bragg, just another great Carson City resident working hard to make the world better for our children.


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