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Letters to the Editor

 Too much pork in infrastructure bill
The Infrastructure Bill is a joke. Only 25 percent of the money is slated to go to actually repairing our infrastructure. The rest is so full of "pork" that the Democrats could start their own worldwide sausage factory. As far as believing that the wealthy and corporations are going to pay their fair share of tax, that's always the contention when the Democrats want to raise our taxes. The reality is that the wealthy and the corporations have tax attorneys who are paid to ensure that they can utilize every tax advantage and loophole available, while the average middle class citizen is the one who carries the highest tax burden and feels tax increases the most. And whenever you hear the ridiculous "Build Back Better" rhetoric of the Democratic Party, just remember how many people here in this country lost their jobs because Biden and his flunkies closed down the pipeline in favor of sending money to the Russians so they could “Build Back” their pipeline better. I've never in my life seen a political party working harder to destroy America than the Democrats. Maybe their slogan should have been "Destroy America Faster.”
Lynn Rader


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