Letters to the editor for Oct. 23, 2021

Not right location
The Planning Commission recently heard testimony about giving a slaughterhouse applicant a special use permit.
Though numerous Carson City residents who live near the proposed location asked the commissioners deny this as many live less than a few minutes walk from this location, the commissioners voted to let an industry known for odors, disease, flies, increase in crime in an area, and the horrific sounds of animals being slaughtered be placed near these homes. Also nearby the proposed location is a historic cemetery and a new trail put in by Carson City Parks.
A slaughterhouse has no business being placed near homes, near a historic cemetery, near a park, and certainly not in a flood zone where contamination from a slaughterhouse can be spread to all those in the area of the river.
Rene Pizzo
Carson City

Time to loosen restrictions
The density of recorded cases as a percent of population gives an indication of COVID-19’s progress. To date for Nevada 14.3% is the figure, for California it’s 12%, for Arizona 15.6%, and for New York 13.3%. And no, this is far from being an accurate tally of actual infections.
Recorded deaths though hover between 2 and 3 percent of recorded cases. That translates to somewhat more than three deaths per 1,000 for the population as a whole.
With numbers as small as these, the anti-vaxxers have a claim. Now that we have reliable vaccines readily available, why the need for so much continued restriction?
Michael Goldeen
Carson City

Slaughterhouse would ruin city
The proposed slaughterhouse in Carson City at Highway 50 and Deer Run is an outrageously terrible idea. I am heartily against it.
This slaughterhouse should not even be considered so close to residential neighborhoods, parks and golf course. In addition, the proposed slaughterhouse will consume huge amounts of public water supplies, already in short supply with our terrible drought. Also, huge amounts of sewage will be produced. And so very close to our treasured and highly valued Carson River.
This proposed slaughterhouse will produce only the very minimal amount of jobs.
Also, there would be a large increase of truck trailer traffic on Highway 50 from animals shipped from nearby farms and also farther farms. This increase in traffic will be in addition to the already highly traveled highway that traffic has increased dramatically with the development of Dayton and Carson City. To be profitable, the slaughterhouse will need to operate continuously, causing an increase in noise, traffic and pollution.
Carson City has made tremendous steps to become not only a great tourist destination with Lake Tahoe and the Sierras being so close, but also a very desirable place to live and raise a family. Please, please, don’t ruin all our giant strides by putting a slaughterhouse in one of our main entrances to our lovely city.
Jana Azar
Carson City


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