Chas Macquarie: Now is the time for Carbon Fee and Dividend

The need for serious climate action in Congress is now clearer than ever but Democrats cannot agree on what measures to include in the Budget Reconciliation (Build Back Better) Bill and Republican are content to do nothing. The influence of millions of dollars in fossil fuel lobbying to prevent climate action and saddle our kids and grandkids with more fires, floods and deteriorating health is apparent.
However, there is one path of action that both parties should be able to get behind: Make the fossil fuel companies pay for the pollution they are putting into our atmosphere and give the money to all Americans in the form of monthly cash back checks. This concept is known as Carbon Fee and Dividend. The price of fossil fuels will go up and their use will go down, making our air and water cleaner. The Dividend will offset the increased costs of gasoline and electricity for 80% of American households.
Economists overwhelmingly support this method of reducing carbon pollution and making lower income families whole. It has proved to be effective and popular in other countries because the pollution fee goes back to the people. The money stays in the economy and acts as an economic boost. It is a win-win solution. Please write or call Senators Cortez Masto and Rosen and Rep. Mark Amodei and ask them to support Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation. Call Governor Sisolak and ask him to support this policy because it will help Nevada meet its emissions reduction targets.
Chas Macquarie is a member of the Carson City Chapter of the Citizens' Climate Lobby


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