Jim Valentine: When your agent isn’t available

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

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Real estate is a business of communication. It is essential to stay in contact with one another as you search for a home, deliberate putting your home on the market, and during the escrow resulting from your efforts. The most important communication link is between you and your agent, for that is where all the action is initiated and consummated. When you find a new listing online and want to talk to your agent, you should be able to reach him readily so you can compete in the dynamic marketplace that we now have.
It is important to recognize, however, that agents are people, too. Sorry to ruin the illusion, but they do have personal lives. Real estate is an industry that creates many workaholics and assuages their personal need for performance, but every once in a while they need a break. It could be to attend a class, or simply to unwind by the water with a glass of wine and a book. They need some down time.
What happens then? Most agents have their smartphone, table, or laptop with them even when they are “offline.” It is a “curse” of the industry. Your agent will likely tell you if they will be unavailable for a period of time but will also have a backup plan for you to utilize if you are truly in need of professional services. It is usually a licensed assistant or an associate agent that they have an arrangement with to cover their business.
Please understand they will likely be compensating that agent for the assistance in the form of a referral fee, or even splitting the fee in some instances. That can be costly for your agent that has spent so much time with you, getting you dialed into the market and your wants and needs. So, be judicious when you insist on seeing a home in such circumstances.
Your agent wouldn’t want you to miss your opportunity to see your perfect home, so they won’t hesitate to set up a showing for you with somebody else. We are simply looking to have you understand the consequences of your actions from the insiders’ view of the industry. Good agents always work in the best interest of their customers and will certainly work to get you in a house that you want to see even if they are unavailable.
If you list your house and insist on your agent being at all showings, you may find yourself missing a good showing if your agent is having some personal time. No matter how well intended they were when they committed to attend showings of your house, things happen that will also require your agent’s attention, i.e., weddings, reunions, vacations, family emergencies, events involving their children, etc.
Any showing is a good showing, and it is not always in your best interest to insist on having your agent present. We understand the need for alarm code secrecy, managing pets, etc., but it is very awkward for agents to have to coordinate a showing having the listing agent present on a residential property. It only happens in 1 in a 100, or less. Commercial and ranch properties present another set of circumstances that often require the presence of the listing agent.
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