Jim Valentine: Things may not always be as they are

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

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People buy real estate for a variety of reasons with many contributing factors. In Northern Nevada many are intrigued with the views, others with public lands access, etc. Other impactful components can be zoning of your land, or the land nearby, rural character, privacy, and so on. If something is important to you when you buy a property it is critical that you understand the likelihood of it remaining in that condition.
A common disappointment occurs when a large chunk of vacant land is sold and then slated for development. We’ve seen infills of large vacant lots that were protested by neighbors that walked their dogs on the acreage. They didn’t want it developed so they could continue to walk their dogs on it. Private property rights anybody? It isn’t unusual in our area for people to mistake open range type private property adjacent to a subdivision for public lands. If you are buying next to what you think is public lands be sure to confirm the ownership.
Master Plans and Zoning matters can have an impact on your land use and that of nearby properties that can themselves have an impact on your enjoyment of your property. County and city governments create their master plans and assign zoning to properties to assure reasonable growth for the benefit of all to the best of their ability. Along the way there is a fine line between historical use and what can, or should be, changed to adapt to the times. Such changes can be impactful if you are on the periphery of the subdivision near multi-family or commercial properties that could see a use change.
New members of governing bodies can make changes that change your enjoyment of your property. These can be on your homeowner’s association board, county or city boards, and even members of the Legislature. They are always looking for ways to appease their constituents, and they are subject to hearing pleas for real estate-related changes without considering all the unintended consequences. This can be maddening because their whims must be abided by unless legally challenged.
Road uses can change and modify the character of your neighborhood. Many rural agricultural secondary roads in Northern Nevada are now the equivalent of arterials because of development and traffic pattern changes. The roads weren’t built for the traffic which quickly breaks them down, and the quaint rural atmosphere of free running small animals is changed for the safety of the animals by fences and gates being installed thus creating barriers that weren’t previously there.
Ask your agent about changes coming to the neighborhood. Can neighboring land be developed, or is there a conservation easement on it? Are there plans to reroute the main roads to or away from your property, both of which can enhance or detract from your value and enjoyment of it depending on the property, location and what the change was. Are there height restrictions or building envelopes to protect your view or can your view be compromised? If you’ve a specific unique use in mind, work to assure you can use it now and into the future.
You are allowed the quiet enjoyment of your property as a part of the bundle of rights of property ownership, but sometimes a neighboring property can infringe on those as they exercise their own rights. Therein lies the paradox. Your relationships are for the benefit of all which is the mindset that can cause consternation when change is presented. Property owners should have the right to do what they want with their property that is legal, but some object to change these days simply to object. When do you stop change? 1864? 1900? 1918? 1929? 1945? 1970? 2000? 2022? In reality, you don’t. Just be ready for it as best you can to protect your property and your use thereof.
Change happens. Look around to protect yourself and your investment from unwanted changes when you buy.
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