Lyon County Commission approves Mound House parcel rezoning

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The Lyon County Commission on Thursday approved a request to change the zoning on a 2.09-acre parcel at 158 Garnet Circle in Mound House from an RR-2T second rural residential to a PF public facilities designation.
The decision follows the county Planning Commission’s recommendation from its June 14 meeting.
The rezoning keeps the property in alignment with potential preparation for construction of a planned community center, as hoped for by the Mound House Community Advisory Board.
Case planner Louis Cariola told the commission on Thursday the site at Garnet Circle, adjacent to the Mound House Fire Station on Hematite and Red Rock roads with U.S. 50, is vacant, covered with vegetation and slopes to the southeast. It has an existing 6-inch water line along its front but lacks sewer facilities as is typical of most publicly owned facilities in the area, and any future development will be required to gain approval for a septic system, according to the report. The parcel is located outside a 500-year floodplain, and no development permit is needed.
Cariola said regardless of whether a community center would be developed on the site, the zone change would be necessary because it’s publicly owned property.
The motion was passed 5-0.


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