Past Pages for June 4 to 7, 2022

Photo provided Tallac pier is advertised in this undated historical photo.

Photo provided Tallac pier is advertised in this undated historical photo.

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150 Years Ago
Walley’s Hot Springs: The hotel at the Springs is crowded with invalids and wonder seekers.
The roads are good the whole way, and the table set well by Walley.
140 Years Ago
Princely: Captain John Kelly was married to Miss Katie, daughter of A.F. Mackay. The captain, a mining man, presented his bride with a $50,000 U.S. Bond after the knot was tied. That’s a princely way of doing things, if one can.
120 Years Ago
Find: A Nevada boom is reported from Mountain House in Minnehaha Canyon. Johnson and Millard of Carson City are owners of the two claims in the canyon. Samples of ore will assay from $150 to $1400 a ton.
100 Years Ago
Advertisement: “Carnival and Dance, Tonight! Armory Hall and Grove, Free shows, Concert! Eats! Dancing 8 p.m. to 3 a.m., playing - Bessette’s Rye Beach Orchestra and Tony’s Melody Men. Admission Free.”
70 Years Ago
Tactical use of A-Weapons: Atomic scientists said that troops in tanks and on foot can safely attack an enemy objective seconds after an atomic explosion.
30 Years Ago
Pool bubble, Mills Park: An outdoor pool bubble cover would be more expensive than the parks department feasibility study considered. Clark Gribben and Associates estimated the cost of purchasing and installing a bubble at $370,000.
145 Years Ago
Hank Monk speaks of the new lake steamer Niagara as a very beautiful boat, commodious and swift. The captain, who was down from the lake yesterday says the mills are all running and turning out great quantities of desirable lumber. Truckee cannot compete with these lake mills for such mining timbers as they need on the Comstock…
140 Years Ago
A Generous Husband. Captain John Kelly, the mining man, well known in this city, was married on Saturday at Virginia to Miss Katie, daughter of A.F. Mackey. The captain presented his bride with a $50,000 U.S. Bond after the knot was tied. That’s a princely way of doing things, if one can.
120 Years Ago
For Sale. A ranch known as the Lyden ranch near Mound House, with a spring flowing two inches of water into a reservoir. A good home, barn, cellar, and outhouse. Property contains 80 acres. Also, the Ryan ranch situated one mile from the above property with 40 acres. It has a house with five rooms, barn for eight horses, corral, and outhouse. Both are for $800.
80 Years ago
At the Carson City high school assembly this afternoon 30 certificates were presented to 18 high school boys who participated in scale model aircraft project sponsored by the bureau of aeronautics of the U.S. Navy. The 50 completed planes will be used to give instruction to flying trainees.
40 Years Ago
The toughened drunken driving statute, enacted by the 1981 Legislature, was written to crack down on drunken drivers, but it has created some troublesome legal questions for local deputy district attorney Noel Waters. “I’m not against the new law,” he said, “I would like it to be more clear cut.”
20 Years Ago
Meghan Beltrami chalked it up to good luck when she came down with the chicken pox the day after kindergarten let out. Her luck continued for the next 12 years. Meghan, 18, will graduate from Carson High School with a perfect attendance record.
145 Years Ago
We visited the Warm Spring Hotel on Sunday, for the first time in many months. We have had an acquaintance with these baths any time these dozen years. Never were they to our notion so well and neatly kept before. One forgets if there is a good while between baths what a delightful temperature the water has. A most excellent practice is that of drawing off the water from the bathrooms every night. This removes the impurities and keeps things clean.
140 Years Ago
Clem Berry informs us that today is the anniversary of his birthday. He was born sixty years ago. We venture to say that there is no other human being in the United States with stronger lungs than Clem. As a town crier he “takes the bakery,” and like old wine, age seems to add vigor and strength to his frame.
120 Years Ago
If you want to be among the living, play Ping Pong. The game can be found at Davis & Kerman’s.
80 Years Ago
According to instructions received by the Ormsby county rationing board, neither new nor recapped casings will be released to any person who, in the opinion of the board, has not given proper care to the tires to be replaced.
40 Years Ago
Sen. Howard Cannon is trying to hoodwink the public by using his senate staff for political campaign work in such things as organizing senior citizens groups, says a spokesman for Rep. James Santini.
20 Years Ago
A federal lawsuit seeking to stop the opening of a Storey County brothel was thrown out of court after the judge riled he didn’t have jurisdiction to hear it.
Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. 


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