Retiring Carson City school employees honored

Several of the 42 Carson City School District employees honored during the May 24 school board meeting.

Several of the 42 Carson City School District employees honored during the May 24 school board meeting.

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Forty-two employees who have worked a collective 853 years with the Carson City School District will retire this year. The retirees were recognized at the school board meeting Tuesday, May 24.
“There have been some familiar faces here for a long time, and they all have provided meaningful and dedicated service,” said Richard Stokes, superintendent. “They have all been great friends and outstanding colleagues. We wish them all a well-deserved retirement.”
Each employee recognized below has worked within the school district for 10 or more years. Listed below by their first name followed by last name (alphabetized by school site), last position or title held and duration of employment with the district.
Carson High School:
Leslie Cox, Cook/Baker, 14 Years, 2008-2022,
Susan Drozdoff, Algebra II Teacher, 17 Years, 2005-2022
Susan Grunert, Counselor, 20 Years, 2002-2022
David Johnson, Economics & World History Teacher, 17 Years, 2005-2022
Curtis Kortemeier, Chemistry Teacher, 22 Years, 2000-2022
William McHenry, Business Principles Teacher, 20 Years, 2002-2022
Ron McNutt, Custodian I, 24 Years, 1998-2022
Judith Robinson, Special Education Paraprofessional II, 24 Years, 1998-2022
Shawn Schneider, LD/Special Education Teacher, 33 Years, 1989-2022
Laurie Sheets, Administrative Assistant II, 22 Years, 2000-2022
Pamela White, Special Education Paraprofessional I, 21 Years, 2001-2022
Pioneer Academy:
Kevin Ply, LD/Special Education Teacher, 20 Years, 2002-2022
Carson Middle School:
Joyce Cunningham, Cook/Baker, 11 Years, 2011-2022
Corrina Fallini Jackson, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher, 25 Years, 1997-2022
Kolleen Miller, Special Education Paraprofessional I, 19 Years, 2003-2022
Maria Ochoa, Custodian I, 16 Years, 2006-2022
Leslie Zabelsky, Special Education Paraprofessional I, 11 Years, 2011-2022
Eagle Valley Middle School:
Carol Garrett, Special Education Paraprofessional II, 14 Years, 2008-2022
Marina Gomez, Cook/Baker, 19 Years, 2003-2022
Bordewich Bray Elementary School:
Gloria McMackin, Special Education Paraprofessional II, 16 Years, 2006-2022
Kathy Zuber, 4th Grade Teacher, 16 Years, 2006-2022
Empire Elementary School:
Jennifer Blake, Paraprofessional, 13 Years, 2009-2022
Susan Squires, Principal, 19 Years, 2003-2022
Christine Wille, Kindergarten Teacher, 18 Years, 2004-2022
Fremont Elementary School:
Kevin Ellis, Computer Science Teacher, 26 Years, 1996-2022
Carol Owens, 2nd Grade Teacher, 17 Years, 2005-2022
Fritsch Elementary School:
Kristi Howard, 4th Grade Teacher, 12 Years, 2010-2022
Mark Twain Elementary School:
Amy Jensen, 4th Grade Teacher, 15 Years, 2007-2022
Seeliger Elementary School:
Jacqueline Martin, 3rd Grade Teacher, 11 Years, 2011-2022
Theresa Risner, 4th Grade Teacher, 29 Years, 1993-2022
Student Support Services:
Sandra Guzzetta, Special Education Paraprofessional II, 19 Years, 2003-2022
Janet Silvestro, Speech Language Pathologist, 30 Years, 1992-2022
Prison Education Program:
Franklin Flannagan, Computer Science & Math Teacher, 33 Years, 1989-2022
Professional Development Center:
Jacqueline McCune, NWRPDP Instructor, 16 Years, 2006-2022
Transportation Department:
Teresa Cantley, Administrative Assistant II, 23 Years, 1999-2022
Deborah Kaspar, Bus Driver, 13 Years, 2009-2022
Jill Sarge, Bus Driver, Special Education, 41 Years, 1981-2022
Operations Services Department:
Gary Jones, Maintenance, 29 Years, 1993-2022
Administration Office:
Jolie Conn-Roberts, Human Resources Supervisor, 32 Years, 1990-2022
Jose Delfin, Associate Superintendent – Human Resources, 14 Years, 2008-2022
Valerie Dockery, Director of Grants & Special Projects, 21 Years, 2001-2022
Richard Stokes, Superintendent, 21 Years, 2001-2022


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