March 17 update: 2022 election filing closes Friday

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The Carson City Clerk-Recorder Office began accepting candidate filings on March 7 for the upcoming 2022 election cycle.
Carson City residents who declared their candidacy on Wednesday, March 16:

Two Carson City residents filed to run for school board on Wednesday.
Alber Jacquez, School District Trustee District 1
Molly Walt, School District Trustee District 6

Filing continues through Friday.
Walt is the current CEO of Nevada Rural Counties RSVP. She served as Carson City supervisor from 2009-2012.

Carson City residents who declared their candidacy on Monday,March 14
• Adam Heinz – Carson City School District Trustee District 1

Adam Heinz filed to run for Carson City School Board, District 1 Monday afternoon. Adam, born in Carson City, attended elementary, middle, and high school in the capital before obtaining his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno, and in 2020 completed a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in healthcare leadership. Married and a father of two, Adam is a local healthcare executive with over 20-years of experience in out-of-hospital care and has previously volunteered at Carson Tahoe Hospital and with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office as a sworn reserve deputy.

“We are extremely lucky to live in Carson City with an outstanding quality of life and community that wants to be involved,” Heinz said. “As a parent of a first-grader in the district and a kinder enrolled for the fall, we (parents) have a lot in common – we want our children to be safe, to succeed, and learn the fundamentals necessary to achieve their goals. My role on the board, if given the opportunity, is to support our hardworking and talented educators, be a voice for parents and community members, and advocate for our students. This is your school board, our community.”

Carson City Residents who declared their candidacy on Thursday: 
• Maria "Lupe" Ramirez – Carson City School District Trustee District 1
Lupe Ramirez filed for reelection on Thursday.
Ramirez was named the 2020 New School Board Member of the Year by the Nevada Association of School Boards. She currently serves as vice president and clerk on the board. She was first elected in 2018.
Ramirez earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Western Governors University and an associate’s degree in Applied Science from Western Nevada College (WNC).

Carson City residents who declared their candidacy on Wednesday: 
• Jason Woodbury -District Attorney
District Attorney Jason Woodbury filed for reelection Wednesday.
First elected in 2014 and reelected in 2018, Woodbury is seeking a third term in office. He said that serving as district attorney has been the honor of his professional career.
“We have a truly extraordinary team of men and women in this office, and I’m tremendously proud of the work we do,” he said.
He listed public safety as his top priority in office but said that he also expects to complete a comprehensive review of the Carson City Municipal Code over the next four years. It’s a project that he first spearheaded in 2019 with the “Ordinance Drafting Manual.”
“I believe my office has a solid record to stand on. I hope Carson City voters agree, and hire me to continue the work we’re doing,” Woodbury said.

Carson City residents who  declared their candidacy on Tuesday:
• Shanna Cobb-Adams - Carson City School District Trustee District 6
Shanna Cobb-Adams declared her candidacy for School District Trustee on Tuesday.
She is an employee of the state and graduated from Carson High School in 1999. Cobb-Adams has three children who have graduated from or are attending CHS.
She is running for District 6, the seat which will be vacated by current Trustee Don Carine.
“I love our Carson Proud community and want to improve education for all in a safe learning environment,” she said.
Cobb-Adams has volunteered for Carson City Little League, Carson Girls Softball, Carson City Pop Warner, the Ron Wood Family Resource Center’s Toys for Tots program, the Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada, Carson High School Wrestling Boosters and parent-teacher organizations.
“Children are born with a natural curiosity. Somewhere along the line, many lose that passion for learning and critical thinking,” she said. “I want to do everything in my power to give educators the resources they need to get children excited about school, learn the fundamentals needed to succeed in life and encourage educational pathways to their chosen career.”

Matt Clapham - Carson City School District Trustee District 3
Matt Clapham, a lifelong Carson City resident, filed to run for Carson City School District ward 3 trustee on Tuesday.
He works for the Lyon County Juvenile Probation Department. Prior to that, he spent 14 years working as a juvenile probation officer in Carson City.
“With my job, I think I kind of have a unique perspective on the education system and how it plays out in kids’ lives,” he said.
He graduated from Carson High School in 1997, and he has kids of his own in the Carson City School District. One of his biggest goals that he’d like to accomplish as a trustee is fostering a supportive community for teachers, and helping parents take personal responsibility for helping educate their children.
“I care about the school system. I care about the town. I care about what my kids are learning,” he said. “I get tired of hearing people complain about the school system. My focus would be, what are you doing to improve the school system?”

Carson City residents who  declared their candidacy on Monday:
• Curtis Horton – Ward 3 Supervisor
Carson City resident Curtis Horton filed his candidacy for Carson City supervisor ward 3 on Monday. Horton retired as the Carson City Public Works deputy director in 2020.
“My experience working with important infrastructure and critical operations in the city has taught me the importance of maintaining our assets,” he said. “I have spent years working to keep our community safe and in the best shape possible. I am committed to continuing that effort as a city supervisor.”
Horton considers himself an outdoorsman, and said he has enjoyed raising his family in Carson City.
“I want to keep it that way for other young families. I am committed to working with all of the city departments to keep our city safe, clean and inviting,” he said.
To learn more about him visit

• Stacey Giomi – Ward 1 Supervisor
Carson City Ward 1 Supervisor Stacey Giomi filed for re-election. Giomi was first elected in 2018, and he says that public service is important part of who he is.
“I feel a deep connection to this community and the people who live here,” he said. “I've dedicated my life to community service and working with the Board of Supervisors provides me the opportunity to continue to advocate for our residents.”
Giomi served with the Carson City Fire Department for nearly four decades and became fire chief before retiring. He now works as the director of facilities and emergency preparedness at Nevada Health Center, Inc.
He said he is proud of what the board has accomplished the past four years during the pandemic.
“I think the city did a good job during the COVID crisis providing essential city services and working with businesses and residents ensuring their safety. We also accomplished many infrastructure improvements and will continue to do so,” he said.
To learn more about him visit

• Scott Hoen – Clerk/Recorder
Scott Hoen declared his candidacy for Clerk/Recorder.
He has three decades of experience in public and private sector finance, including his background in the title insurance field, during which he collaborated with multiple clerk-recorders across the country.
“I can hit the ground running on ‘Day One.’ Thankfully for Carson City voters I know the office. My experience means I won’t need on the job training. My first order of business: secure elections. I’ll abide by the recently passed legislation by the Nevada Legislature and Nevada Secretary of State rules and regulations to manage the office in an open, honest, and transparent manner,” said Hoen.
In addition to having the responsibility of operating secure elections, the Carson City clerk is the recorder managing the process of public record filings. Hoen plans to use his technological skills to find tools to automate processes and provide better public access to records.
To contact Hoen, call (775) 400-7799, email, or visit

• Andrew Rasor – Treasurer
Carson City Treasurer Andrew Rasor filed to retain his position.
The Board of Supervisors appointed Rasor in May 2021. In the past year, he’s worked on the revision and update of the city investment policy and a pilot program to centralize money deposits. He’s also continuing the work of past treasurers by preparing for the implementation of a new credit card and electronic payment system.
Prior to his appointment as treasurer, Rasor served as a sworn law enforcement officer with the Nevada Department of Public Safety for 20 years. He has overseen operations that involved homeland security, criminal intelligence analysis, the center’s budget and federal grants, and the communication center for the SafeVoice Nevada program.
Rasor earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Nevada, Reno, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command.
He is available at or 775-690-6633.

• Jason Stinson — Carson City School District Trustee District 1
Stinson, a father of six daughters attending three Carson City schools, is running for the District 1 seat, which includes Empire and Seeliger elementary schools, currently held by Trustee Lupe Ramirez. He said his goal is to ensure greater community involvement and transparency in choices made on the district’s curriculum, budget and decisions made by the school board.
“We must, as a community, fix this broken education system and close the educational gaps and truly put forth a better system for our children,” Stinson said.
Stinson’s community experience includes building a haunted house and Christmas lights show and collecting non-perishable food and clothing for food banks.

• Kenny Furlong — Sheriff
Furlong is seeking his sixth four-year term in the office.
Saying that, “we’ve been through hell in the last two years,” Furlong said he is proud about how his department and his deputies have stood up to the challenges.
“We’ve built substantial collaborations that have benefitted this entire community, and were able to weave our way through a lot of social, political and pandemic unrest with great respect for the opinions and beliefs of the people who live and visit here.”
Despite initial concerns when body cameras arrived two years ago, he said he has seen more benefits from them than anything else.
“I can’t believe how much patience these officers have,” he said.
“I’m very proud of this agency,” he said. “For what it requires to be an officer, they do an amazing job.”

• Kimberly Adams – Assessor
Adams currently severs at Chief Deputy Assessor.
Adams began her career with the Assessor’s Office in 2000 as a property appraiser technician then in 2003 was promoted to senior deputy assessor.
If elected Adams will be the first female Carson City assessor.
Adams has been a certified property appraiser with the assessor’s office since 2006. She is certified in both real and personal property. Adams has extensive experience working with the Board of Supervisors, Board of Equalization, city elected officials and department heads.
Adams has been married for more than 20 years to retired Carson City Deputy Jarrod Adams and they raised their family in Carson City.

• Richard Varner – Carson City School District Trustee District 4
Varner currently serves at the president of the school board. He was selected as president in January of this year. He is running for re-election on the board. He was first elected in 2018 when he ran unopposed.
Varner has resided in Nevada since 1960, graduating from Yerington High School. He served two tours in Vietnam.
He began his career as a Deputy for the Lyon County Sherriff’s Department before joining the Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) Investigation Division where he worked as a narcotic investigator, narcotic task force supervisor and supervisor of the Major Crimes Unit along with numerous other positions. During his 27-year tenure at DPS, he also served as a Deputy Chief of the Investigation Division, Deputy Chief of Parole and Probation Division and retired as a Major at the Nevada Highway Patrol. After retiring from the DPS, he served nine years as the Chief of Police for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California.

• Stacie Wilke-McCulloch – Clerk-Recorder
Wilke-McCulloch currently serves on the school board. Wilke-McCulloch, a 1983 Carson High School graduate, served on the board from 1998-2002. She was reappointed to the board in 2009 and served as president in 2014. She is the proud mother of three, all of which graduated from the Carson City school system. She has served on various PTAs in many capacities, Children’s Museum board, Food for Thought board, Carson City Parks and Recreation board and Carson City Pop Warner.


U.S. Senate
Bill Hockstedler, Republican
Adam Laxalt, Republican
Carlo Poliak, Republican
Neil Scott, Libertarian
Paul Rodriguez, Republican
Catherine Cortez Masto, Democrat (Incumbent)
Sam Brown, Republican
Sharelle Mendenhall, Republican
Allen Rheinhart, Democrat
Barry Rubinson, IAP
Joseph “J.J.” Desitin, no party
William “Bryon” Conrad, Republican
Barry Linderman, Non Partisan

Gary “Radar” Evertsen, Republican
Dean Heller, Republican
John Lee, Republican
Eddie Hamilton, Republican
Stan Lusak, Republican
Steve Sisolak, Democrat (Incumbent)
Barak Zilberberg, Republican
John Lee, Republican
Tom Heck, Republican
Amber Whitley, Republican
Austin Billings, Non Partisan
Guy Nohra, Republican
Ed Bridges, IAP
Edward O’Brien, Republican
Seven Achilles Evans, Republican
Joey Gilbert, Republican
Joseph Lombardo, Republican
Tom Collins, Democrat
Fred Simon, Republican
William “Dock” Walls, Republican

Lieutenant Governor
Stavros Anthony, Republican
M. Kameron Hawkins, Republican
Peter Pavone, Republican
Debra March, Democrat
Bill Hoge, IAP
Tony Grady, Republican
Kimi Cole, Democrat
Mack Miller, Republican
Eva Chase,Democrat
John Miller, Republican
Lisa Cano Burkhead, Democrat
Dan Schwartz, Republican
John Trey Delap, Non Partisan

Zach Conine, Democrat (Incumbent)
Manny Kess, Republican
Margaret Hendrickson, IAP
Bryan Elliott, Libertarian
Michele Fiore, Republican

State Controller
Ellen Spiegel, Democrat
Andy Matthews, Republican

House of Representatives
CD 2

Brian Hansen, Democrat
Michael Doucette, Democrat
Tim Hanifan, Democrat
Russell Best, IAP
Catherine Sampson, Republican
Mark Amodei, Republican
Brian Nadell, Republican
Joseph Afzal, Democrat
Gerold Lee Gorman, Democrat
Rahul Joshi, Democrat

Secretary of State
Jim Marchant, Republican
Kristopher Dahir, Republican
Cisco Aguilar, Democrat
Jesse Haw, Republican
Socorro Kennan, Republican
Janine Hansen, IAP
Gerard Ramalho, Republican
Ross Crane, Libertarian
John Cardiff Gerhardt, Republican
Richard Scotti, Republican

Attorney General
Aaron Ford, Democrat
Stuart MacKie, Democrat
Tisha Black, Republican
John T. Kennedy, Libertarian
Sigal Chattah, Republican

Senate District 16
Don Tatro, Republican
Aaron Sims, Democrat
Monica Jaye, Republican
Lisa Krasner, Republican
Timothy Duvall, Republican

Senate District 17
Robin Titus, Republican
Jim Wheeler, Republican

Assembly District 38
Gregory Koenig, Republican
Vida Keller, Republican

Assembly District 39
Blayne Osborn, Republican
Ken Gray, Republican
Charles Holt, NP
Janice Noble, Democrat

Assembly District 40
P.K. O’Neill, Republican (Incumbent)
Gary Schmidt, Republican
Sam Toll, Libertarian
Shannon McDaniel, Democrat

Nevada Supreme Court
Clark County Chief District Judge Linda Bell
Chief Justice Ron Parraguirre (Incumbent)

Intermediate Appellate Court
Chief Judge Michael Gibbons of Douglas County (Incumbent)
Judge Bonnie Bulla (Incumbent)
Chief Deputy Public Defender Deborah Westbrook

Board of Regents
District 8

Elmer Porter
John Patrick Rice
Jonethan Baltera


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