Primary Election 2022: Nevada State Assembly District 40 — Republicans

Phillip “PK” O’Neill
1216 Sonoma St
Carson City, NV 89701
Occupation: Retired Law enforcement
Age: 70
Phone: 775-400-1050

Phillip “PK” O’Neill


Record of service
I have been serving Carson City for over 40 years in my law enforcement career and time at the Nevada State legislature. I was a Commissioner on the Nevada Commission on Ethics and currently serve on the Board of Trustees for Carson Tahoe Health Systems. I am also a former Chairman of the Salvation Army of Carson City & Douglas County Advisory Board.
The majority of my career has been in law enforcement. I retired as a Division Chief with the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Upon retirement, I worked as a consultant with the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the FBI, developing and deploying the National Law Enforcement Data Exchange to criminal justice agencies across the country. Additionally, I worked with various private companies and governmental agencies to better their business practices regarding Information Technology applications where I identified problem areas, analyzed data and developed solutions.

Sierra Nevada College, where I received a Bachelor of Science in business management.
Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
State legislators serve three primary functions:
1) researching, writing, and voting on legislation;
2) representing their districts and working on requests for assistance from constituents;
3) oversight function for the executive branch.

A brief statement about your platform
As your legislator I will be an advocate for conservative principles and values. We need policies that promote freedom and liberty. Nevada’s economy has suffered over the past few years. We need to get our economy on a more solid foundation, to be more flexible supporting local business in helping them fully recover.
Our education system is broken. I will fight for school choice that empowers parents to make the best choices for their children. Education should be focused on encouraging Nevada’s brightest future minds as opposed to indoctrinating them with programs like Critical Race Theory (CRT).
Just as important as our children is our veterans, and law enforcement officers. Our veterans have often been overlooked and we need to show them the same support they showed us. I am committed to continuing to work with veterans on increasing awareness of, and addressing the exorbitant number of veteran’s suicides and working to improve the quality of healthcare that is available to them. Our police departments provide an invaluable service to our community and I will oppose any efforts to defund our police.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position
This could be longer but I feel it covers all the key points.
I am a proud Reagan Republican and member of the Nevada Legislative Freedom Caucus, the first state caucus to be recognized by the National House Freedom Caucus. I believe in the Reagan three-legged stool, and I am committed to advocate for open, accountable, and limited government. I believe in our constitution and will fight for policies that provide freedom and promote liberty. I believe the Republican Party is the Party of those who have trust in liberty and the opportunities it provides.
I am proud to be ranked as one of the Nevada Policy Research Institute’s Top Ten Conservative legislators and earned a 94.01% rating. I have also been endorsed by top conservative groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA), Nevada Firearms Coalition (NFA), Power2Parent, and over 100 Law Enforcement Organizations.
During my time in the state legislature, I have fought for our veterans, supported our local law enforcement, and decreased government red tape. I am committed to bettering our community by providing greater educational opportunities, working to fix our mental health crisis and fight Nevada’s deadly addiction battles.
I have been a member of the community for decades and have worked to meet identified needs. I have the knowledge, skills and experience to get things done. I provide proven leadership with integrity to Carson City and Nevada that you can depend on.

Gary Schmidt
Address: 324 C Street, Virginia City
Occupation: Semi retired business owner/operator including Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development and Management, Farming and Ranching, Entertainment Productions, Hospitalities and Tourism Activities, Wholesale and Retail Merchandising.
Age: 79

Record of service:
Former Member of the Washoe County Board of Equalization. Co-founder and Officer of the Washoe County Republican Assembly (membership for over 10 years). Only non-California resident ever elected to the California Pistachio Commission. Have attended and participated in thousands of Public Meetings over forty years including legislative sessions. Have lectured on the Open Meeting Law and the Public Records Law.
BA in Economics San Jose State University - Graduate work in Computer Sciences and Real Estate
Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
Nevada Legislature - Assembly 40. To represent The People of District 40 in the consideration of new Statues and the elimination of Statutes and Regulations that are overly burdensome or are no longer appropriate or necessary. To keep the electorate informed as to the issues being considered. To listen to The People and give proper consideration to their opinions, beliefs, experiences, positions, and knowledge.

A brief statement about your platform
I oppose new taxes and will work to repeal the Commerce Tax, the largest tax increase in the history of Nevada. I will work to make the legislature more transparent through enacting laws to require the compliance with the Open Meeting and Public Records Laws. I will work to restore Election Integrity by enacting Voter ID requirements and eliminating ballot harvesting and universal unrequested mail-in ballots. I support School Choice and local and parental control of education. I oppose CRT being taught in schools. I support the protection of Second Amendment rights. I support the elimination of overly burdensome Business Regulations. I oppose personal health issues mandates. I believe there are far too many new Bill Draft Requests (BDRs) (Laws) proposed each legislative session, well over 1000. It does not allow sufficient time to review and study the issues or the people to be able to properly participate in the process. The number should be reduced to under 400.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
My opponent voted for the largest tax increase in the history of Nevada. He was censured by both the Washoe County and the Carson City Republican Parties for that vote. He was also removed from the Republican Party by the Carson City Central Committee. He has refused to sign the “No New Taxes Pledge.” I have signed the pledge. He voted to exempt himself and the entire legislature from the Public Records Law (AB496 2015). I will seek to repeal that exemption law and will voluntarily comply with the Public Records Law regardless. It is my intention to work harder on repealing or eliminating laws then passing new ones. I will also propose and work hard to repeal the exemption of the State Legislature from the Public Records Law so that the whole process is more transparent. He has not supported the legislature complying with the Open Meeting Law.
I have worked to combat intrusive, oppressive, abusive and arrogant government for decades on my own time and dime (See I firmly believe as President Reagan stated “Far too often government can’t solve the problem, far too often government is the problem.”
He has spent 40 years working for the government while I have spent over 40 years in private business and in the community combating government overreach.
I have a greater diversity of general experience and education and am financing my own campaign so I will not be beholding to lobbyists or Special Interests.


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