Trick-or-treaters descend on Governor’s Mansion

A line of revelers waiting to get into the Governor’s Mansion on Monday.

A line of revelers waiting to get into the Governor’s Mansion on Monday.
Photo by Scott Neuffer.

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An intense election season didn’t prevent the Carson City community from working together and delivering Halloween festivities at the Governor’s Mansion on Monday.

“It’s probably the most nonpartisan thing that happens all year,” said Kristen Dillard, executive coordinator of the mansion. “Everyone contributes. It’s all about the kids.”

Dillard said both Democratic groups and Republican groups donated candy for the popular event. Local service clubs, grocery stores, and other organizations helped in the effort. The Nevada Department of Corrections’ Stewart Conservation Camp donated pumpkins, corn stalks and hay bales.

The Nevada Governor’s Mansion on Monday. (Scott Neuffer photo) 

“Everything that happens here tonight is done by volunteers,” she said. “It’s all donated, the entertainment and the candy. It really is a community event: by the community, for the community.”

Mansion staff collected an estimated 900 pounds of candy, which Gov. Steve Sisolak and wife, Kathy, handed out.

“A couple thousand people are estimated to come through. Not all kids. A lot of families dress up. It’s super fun,” Dillard said. “It’s one of the Governor and First Lady’s favorite things to do.”

Dillard said the 2021 event required masks for the COVID-19 pandemic, unlike this year.

“Last year we did it, and it was great, but masks were required,” she said. “This year, they were not. The only masks out there are Halloween masks.”

Carson City resident Katie McMaster with Avery, 6, and William, 2, at the Governor’s Mansion. (Scott Neuffer photo)

Built in 1909 in the classical revival style, the Governor’s Mansion offered a variety of creepy decorations for those patient enough to wait in line. New this year was an 11-foot skeletal mummy, which didn’t scare 6-year-old Avery McMaster.

“I like taking pictures and getting candy,” she said.

Avery was dressed up as Uma from Descendants. She pointed at the Grim Reaper hanging above the mansion’s entrance.

“No, I’m not scared, but maybe of just that thing hanging there,” she said.

Brielle Reardon, 11, of Reno, center, poses with friends and family at the Governor’s Mansion. (Scott Neuffer photo)


Brielle Reardon, 11, came down from Reno to see the mansion.

“I’m Princess Aurora,” she explained, while waiting in line with friends and family. “From Sleeping Beauty.”

At the intersection of Mountain and Robinson streets, Carson Sheriff Reserve Dep. Guy Jessop stood in a uniform that was no costume. The intersection was closed, and he was ensuring revelers made it across the street safely.

“It’s a great time to be out with the community and interact with the community,” he said.

It was the sixth year Jessop volunteered at the event, along with other reserve deputies and team members from the city’s search and rescue squad.

“This is truly what Carson City is about,” he said. “We’re going to have a great Halloween night.”

According to Dillard, Monday marked more than 30 years of the Halloween tradition.

“It’s been going on a long time,” she said. “The whole neighborhood really participates.”

A new mummy skeleton fixture at the Governor’s Mansion. (Scott Neuffer photo)


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