Mark Collie coming to Brewery Arts Center

Country music singer/songwriter Mark Collie performs an intimate evening show at the Brewery Arts Center on Saturday

Country music singer/songwriter Mark Collie performs an intimate evening show at the Brewery Arts Center on Saturday

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Acclaimed country singer/songwriter Mark Collie will be sharing his life’s stories and experiences on Saturday night at the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City.

“Some of the stories about the songs might surprise ya,” the Nashville musician said, “But some will entertain a few folks.”

An Evening with Mark Collie includes a stripped-down version of Collie performing his songs on guitar. They are stories about how the songs affected his life and he talks about where he’s been and what he’s witnessed.

“It’s very intimate,” he said. “It’s very up close and personal; it’s a lot of fun.”

Ticket are $25 for general admission and $20 for seniors and students.

Collie’s music

Collie recently released his eighth studio album, “Book of My Blues,” in June 2021.

Collie’s career spans the last few decades, and beyond his own releases he’s also written songs for Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, George Jones, Martina McBride, Billy Ray Cyrus, Aaron Tippin, Alabama and many more.

He often plays with a three-piece band, so his solo show will be a different experience.

“When it’s just sort of ‘An Evening’ with me and a guitar, I’m very comfortable with that,” he said. “I really enjoy the reaction and feedback with that.”

In the intimate setting, he said the audiences will show what they like and what they don’t like. He’ll often test the waters with new music to get a feel for how they are received.

Collie wears many hats, and his projects interweave with each other. A big project he’s working on includes Billy Bob Thornton. The two will be recording music for an album, and Collie is headed to do that after his stay in Carson City.

Every song on the record was written and derived from characters in a graphic novel, which came from another one of Collie’s side projects, the Rockabilly Hitman. Collie’s friend Jonathan Hensley (who landed Collie a role in The Punisher) has been writing and doing the art for this project. Find out more at

Giving Back

Collie gives back to communities and through his music which he calls song therapy. He started outreach in prisons and that evolved into working recovery programs for addiction, he said.

“I believe in the power of song, and I always say a guitar saved my life,” he said. “So, I try to share what I learned with that.”

Through his work, he found The Change Companies and the owners Don and Sherry Kuhl, and that’s what helped land him in Carson City.

“Getting to know Don has been like knowing him for years,” he said.

He said working with The Change Companies has helped take what Collie has been doing since the ’90s and bring it to a curriculum and a fact-based approach.

“I’m thankful for that and thankful for their expertise and their support,” he said.

Collie said his life was affected by addiction, and that’s part of the reason he tries to help. He said it only takes a desire to help, and if he can help a little bit every day, then he’s a little better every day.

He’s also passionate about diabetes research because he was diagnosed as a diabetic as a kid. He said he’s been fortunate and blessed to be around a lot of great people who helped take care of himself, so he wants to give back. He said he’s always doing something to raise money for research for a cure and especially raising awareness.

Carson City

Collie said he’s excited to play in Carson City, a place that he’s visited many times but hasn’t played officially. He said he’s played a few gigs for small crowds, and he’s played in Reno and Sparks, so this will be his first public performance in Carson City.

He said after the show he’ll stick around for a few days to enjoy the area, before heading off to California to record with Thornton. Collie did say he would like to stop through the city more often and possibly on more of a permanent basis.

“I’m looking forward to being there,” he said. “The brewery is a great vibe and a great atmosphere. I have some great friends and associates in Carson City and I’m looking forward to seeing them.”


WHAT: An Evening with Mark Collie

WHEN: Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022

WHERE: 449 W. King St. at the Brewery Arts Center

TICKETS: $25 for general admission; $20 for seniors and students. Available at



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