Nevada Day Treasure Hunt Clue No. 11

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Clue 11: Tuesday, October 18

As you cruise through the valley,

Look up to see the strands of time.

Wave at the heart of the new land

As you watch the birds climb!

Clue 10: Saturday, October 15

Her cold blooded tracks will guide you this year,                                         

And Lara my love will lead us to cheer!                                            

Take care around those that leave no tread,                                    

They won't steer you wrong if you follow this thread.     


Clue 9: Friday, October 14

Mine claims of old often enchant us,                                    

Much like the mystery tales of Atlantis!                                           

Specters guard the briny wood                                             

And the medallion nearby in all likelihood.  

Clue 8: Thursday, Oct. 13  

Was he George or was she Laura?                            

We must honor them both, so tip your fedora!                                   

One left a legacy of one hundred and fourteen,                                   

While the other preserved the otherwise unseen.  

Clue 7: Wednesday, Oct. 12  
Vela confirmed and we had a Blast.                                      

Next morning shakes were hopefully our last!                                            

The magnitude of our actions are felt yet today,                                        

And forever remembered on a slab made of gray.

Clue 6: Tuesday, Oct. 11
A young lovers' quarrel started the tradition,                                              

Hoist them up and lay bare your inhibition.                                    

She was killed on that cold day in December                                              

Slain, felled, destroyed, dismembered.        

Clue 5: Saturday, Oct. 8

Forty two under and blue skies up above

Will lead you this year to this county we love

The prize is hidden on land open to all

Use care and respect, as your search protocol!

Clue 4: Friday, Oct. 7

Fourth times a charm

We have you at last!

The clues will lead you here        

if you have studied your past!

Clue 3: Thursday, Oct. 6

The three from years past

May be of aid to you now

Because the treasure this year

This time will allow!

Clue No. 2 Wednesday, Oct. 5

A royal flush in the hands of Harman

Won't win you the prize

If you are searching for treasure here

It will be your demise!

Clue No. 1 Tuesday, Oct. 4

Party on the Comstock! Carnival is the theme!

Your job is to search and not to dream

This year the treasure is not there nor here

But attend the parade and be of good cheer!

Once the treasure hunt medallion is found, please bring it to the Nevada Appeal office at 580 Mallory Way between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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