Let’s get it started: WNC offers assortment of late-start classes

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Western Nevada College ensures that students who are unable to start at the beginning of the semester have alternatives in their personal schedule to take higher education courses.

For the 2022 fall semester, one of those options is late-start classes, which begin on Oct. 24 with some exceptions. Although the courses typically span eight weeks and end on Dec. 17, students will receive full credit for them.

There are also enough options for students to build a full schedule and/or train for quick entry into the workforce or build your skills for a promotion at your current job. Choose between American Sign Language, Art, Mechatronics, Biology, Computer Information Technology, Communication, Counseling and Personal Development, Drafting, Education, Human Development and Family Studies, Management Science, Spanish, Machine Tool and Welding classes.

Many of the classes are offered online, with some in-person courses available. For information about becoming a student at WNC, go to www.wnc.edu/starthere.

Currently, WNC is offering the following late-start classes — all of which will begin in either October or November (in person classes are noted). For a full list of classes and course descriptions, go to wnc.edu/class-schedule/.

• Pneumatic & Hydraulic (AIT 252): Carson City campus, Oct. 25

• PLCs (AIT 253): Carson City campus, Oct. 25

• American Sign Language II (AM 146): Oct. 24

• American Sign Language IV (AM 148): Oct. 24

• American Sign Language VI (AM 150): Oct. 24

• Fingerspelling II (AM 152): Oct. 24

• Drawing I (ART 101): Oct. 24

• Human Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 224): online lecture with in-person lab, Oct. 24

• Web Script Language Programming (CIT 152): Oct. 24

• Advanced Project Earned Value Management (CIT 363): Oct. 24

• Intro to Group Communication (COM 215): Oct. 24

• Career Choices & Changes (CPD 123): Oct. 24

• Blueprint Reads/Industrial (DFT 110): Nov. 9-23, Carson City campus

• Teachers Technology (EDU 214): Oct. 24

• Life Span Human Development (HDFS 201): Oct. 24

• Foundations of Management Theory Practice (MGT 310): Oct. 24

• Strategic Management and Policy (MGT 496): Oct. 24

• Machine Shop II (MTT 110): in person with some web, Oct. 19-Nov. 16

• Machine Shop Practice II (MTT 111): in person with some web, Nov. 21-Dec. 12

• Second Year Spanish II (SPAN 212): Oct. 24

• Welding I Practice (WELD 212): In person in Hawthorne with some web, Oct. 24

• Welding II Practice (WELD 222): In person in Hawthorne with some web, Oct. 24

• Welding Projects (WELD 224): In person in Carson City with some lab, Nov. 23-Dec. 5 or Nov. 9-Dec. 5

• Welding Projects (WELD 250): In person in Carson City with some lab, Oct. 17-Nov. 9


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