Letters to the Editor for September 17, 2022

Borders aren’t secure
If you believe our southern border is secure, you should vote for Democrats this November. If you believe the border is secure and caravans of illegal aliens and criminals crossing our border do not exist, then you should vote for Democrats this November. If you believe the border is secure and that the quantities of fentanyl are not a threat to Americans, then you should vote for Democrats this November.
But, if you do vote for any Democrats this November remember this: American citizens are losing job opportunities to illegal aliens; American citizens are being raped, robbed and murdered by criminals crossing our border; and American citizens are dying by the scores due to the fentanyl crossing our border and the Democrats you voted for are doing nothing about it.
This isn't fantasy, this is fact.
Ron Landmann
Carson City

Relieving student loan debt
Naturally, Republicans are body-bound to claim Joe Biden’s forgiveness of student loans mainly uses their hard-earned money to buy his votes. They have a point, but in this case though, I think they stress what is an unavoidable collateral effect.
The deliberate vote buying occurred way back in 1965 during the Lyndon Johnson administration with the introduction of The Federal Family Education Loan Program. Its success depended on the American economy magically expanding and employing all students who took loans, with salaries large enough for them to readily pay them back. Parents of young children, mostly Democrats — there were lots of us back then — were the primary targets of this proposal to rejuvenate America’s aging economy.
I find events all too reminiscent of the experience of Gustave von Aschenbach in Thomas Mann’s novella, Death in Venice, who in an attempt to look more attractive, begins to fret about his aging face and body, and visits the hotel's barber shop almost daily, where the barber persuades him to have his hair dyed and his face painted to look more youthful. His cosmetic efforts didn’t work for him. Ours didn’t work for us.
The primary and necessary purpose of Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program is to face truth, and relieve our younger folk of an unbearable, insurmountable indebtedness which is primarily no fault of theirs.
Michael Goldeen
Carson City


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