Women arrested in Carson on multiple felonies

Two California women were arrested earlier this week on multiple felony counts including burglary, grand larceny and theft.
Darrian Williams, 29, and Aubrianna Thompkins, 26, were arrested after a customer at Smith’s supermarket reported her purse stolen from her shopping cart while she was distracted by one of the defendants.
The suspects were tracked down after dispatch reported the victim’s credit card being used at Office Depot on Fairview Drive. The clerk there said the two women bought several hundred dollars’ worth of gift cards at the store using the victim’s credit card. The two were identified by surveillance video in the store that matched video taken at Smith’s.
The arrest report says the same women were identified trying to use a stolen debit card at Raley’s and again at Save Mart in south Carson City.
The report says the two tried to resist arrest violently when deputies approached them at Save Mart. They were apprehended and cuffed by deputies as multiple deputies arrived to assist.
The arrest report says the two were in possession of $800 in cash and debit cards belonging to the victim. More debit cards and other evidence was found in the vehicle belonging to the two suspects.
The women were each charged with grand larceny, commercial burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, conspiracy to obtain money by false pretenses and obtaining money and property by false pretenses, resisting arrest and possession of stolen property.
Bail was set at $90,000 for each of the two women.


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