School board OKs pay hike for non-union administrators

Carson City School District administration building.

Carson City School District administration building.

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The Carson City School Board on Tuesday voted 5-2 to increase salaries for associate superintendents, directors, managers and administrators not covered by union contracts at a cost of $416,181 for 2024 and 2025.

Pay hikes for employees covered by collective bargaining units were approved July 25. The non-union hike was delayed at that meeting after Trustee Molly Walt requested supporting documentation.

Walt and Trustee Joe Cacioppo cast the “no” votes Tuesday.

CCSD traditionally has given the same salary increase to union and non-union employees, officials said. This year, an 11% increase was offered for fiscal year 2024 and 2% for FY2025.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Superintendent Andrew Feuling presented information on pay ranges and schedules for multiple positions for the next two years.

Walt said she was concerned about the difference in step increases, as an example, for positions such as a capital projects managers – who potentially receive between 3.7% increases – and tenured teachers – who potentially receive 1.7% increases.

“I know we talk about retaining teachers, but they do feel jaded,” Walt said, offering her thoughts on why an 11% increase and the structure of pay steps in Tuesday’s agreement was too high compared to certified or classified positions.

Board President Laurel Crossman said she understood Walt’s frustrations but anything to do with salary scheduling had been agreed upon during negotiations. She clarified the item at hand was Feuling’s recommendation to provide an equitable salary increase to non-union staff members.

“I think this is something Mr. Feuling is being extraordinarily transparent about by bringing this to us,” Crossman said. “… he’s suggesting that is something that shows that we do value all our staff, all our employees.”

Staff members with the Ormsby County Education Association received $7,000 increases for FY24 and $1,200 for FY25, and Trustee Mike Walker said it might make sense to provide $7,000 to executive staff members in solidarity to “make it an easier pill to swallow.”

“Administrators have a tough job and they have specialized training and they have responsibilities that are great,” Walker said. “It’s a thankless job.”

After the meeting, Cacioppo said he was uncomfortable with supporting a larger amount of inequity among the steps in the pay ranges between the administrators and employees who are members of the collective bargaining groups.

“When you look at the executive staff and those folks, being responsible for 7,000-plus students, I think you could argue for more money if you could find it,” Cacioppo said. “But when you’re looking at staff and pay equity across the board and you’re increasing one group by less than 2% per staff member and another group that makes more money to begin with much greater than 3% per staff member, there’s an inequity there.

“To show respect for all employees in the district, I think you want those step increases to align a little bit more.”


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