Bighorn news: Hert Trucking donates $5K toward building

From left: Brittany Hert, Steven Hert, Bennett Hert, Ella Hert, Buster and Melissa Mackedon, Oasis chief executive officer.

From left: Brittany Hert, Steven Hert, Bennett Hert, Ella Hert, Buster and Melissa Mackedon, Oasis chief executive officer.
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Oasis’ new high school building is on the brink of breaking ground. Knowing the impact that Oasis has on student lives, Steven and Brittany Hert with S.S. Hert Trucking generously donated $5,000 for the project.

“We decided to donate to Oasis Academy because of their commitment to the kids of Churchill County,” Steven Hert said. “Their passion for delivering an outstanding educational experience is valued and appreciated by S.S. Hert Trucking. We have several employees whose children also attend Oasis Academy, and they all share the positive impact the school has had on their children.”

The Herts currently have two children (Ella and Bennett) at the school and one alumnus (Kaitlyn).

“We are thrilled that there is a new building and campus for our Oasis students to call home in the future,” Brittany Hert added. “We had one child graduate from Oasis in 2021 and she is excelling in college. We are happy to support the same opportunities for our younger children and all the Oasis families in the future.”

“Having members of the community step up and support this project is so meaningful. People tend to think I can’t donate hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you know what it all adds up. When somebody, like the Herts, call and say we want to do what we can, it means the world to our team to this project,” said Melissa Mackedon, chief executive officer.

Senior Night

On Aug. 17 Oasis Counselor Andy Lenon hosted Senior Night for the Class of 2024. The hour-long session prepared students for what to expect in their last year of high school.

“The focus of our senior night is helping our students and families feel confident and supported throughout the year,” he said. “We do this through individual weekly meetings with our seniors and the goal is to leave Oasis Academy with an individualized plan. These students have a rigorous academic program, doing our part to assist students and parents with college admissions, personal statements, essay writing and scholarships is key.

“Our individual meetings also have a focus on overall well-being that make our program unique. Students feel connected, organized and we have a lot of laughs.”

Justin Bouldt from the University of Nevada, Reno’s Admissions and Records also spoke to students about what UNR has to offer. He said the university offers degree programs to campus life and how UNR compares to other schools around the area including the University of California universities.

“Senior Night was very helpful and informative for not only the students but parents as well,” senior student Enedye Rios said. “I know it helped my parents feel relieved that the support provided by Counselor Andy Lenon covers so many things, especially how much he helps during the scholarship process. It was nice seeing everyone come together and be excited for this year and thinking about the future and college.”

Lenon said this group is talented from top to bottom.

“I have been bragging that we have a senior class full of absolute champions,” he said. “This is our first group that includes students that have attended Oasis all the way since kindergarten. Not only are they academically sound, their character, how they operate and support one another and the younger grades is heart-warming. They are go-getters, driven and I can guarantee they will be game changers wherever they go.”

Lenon said their parents are also a special group, and they exchange information, have great communication and this last senior parent night was the largest we have ever had.

“This is so awesome because as we all know, it takes a village,” Lenon added.

Back to school

The Herd was back in school Aug.21. The halls were full of laughter and hugs as students caught up with each other and settled in for the new school year. Students also shared their summer reading, as each child is required to read at least one book over the summer.

Wyatt Herold is starting sixth grade.

“I’m most looking forward to math and Lego robotics,” Herold said.

Second grader Amabelle Fordham is new to Oasis and happy to be at the school.

“I’m most excited about Math and I read Anne of Green Gables this summer,” Fordham said.

Fellow second grader Abdiel Farfan added, “I am glad to see my friends again. I read ‘Who What When’ for my book.”

With several new staff at Oasis, some students were excited to meet the new teachers.

“I’m most excited about reading because I have a new teacher. I’m also nervous for tests this year,” said fourth-grader Grace Miller. “My summer reading was ‘The School for Good and Evil.’”

Eighth-grader Benjamin McKnight read a classic book for his summer reading.

“I read ‘The Giver.’ It is a very good book and something I’d read again. I still think about the book even after finishing it,” McKnight said.

McKnight said he is also excited for the year because he knows it means getting closer to finishing middle school and getting ready for high school.

Along with kindergarten through eighth grade, Oasis Academy College Prep students were also back in the classroom. While many started college classes a couple weeks prior, the freshman and sophomores had their first day Aug. 21.

“OACP was bursting with students ready for a new year and all the activities including the first assembly this week. Go Bighorns.” said Rochelle Tisdale, chief academic officer.

Macedon called it a fantastic first day.

“The energy and excitement was felt down every hallway from both staff and students,” she said. “I think there are great things in store for the HERD in 2023-2024.”


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