Board: Feuling ‘very satisfactory’ as Carson superintendent

Andrew Feuling

Andrew Feuling

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The Carson City School Board has provided Superintendent Andrew Feuling with a “very satisfactory” rating for the 2023 calendar year.

The board noted his community presence, willingness to advocate for student achievement, and continued efforts for more school funding during his performance review.

The board recommended he set more specific goals involving educational opportunities and collaboration.

Board members were asked to base Feuling’s performance on a 0-4 scale, with 0 indicating unsatisfactory and 4 indicating superior.

The form focused on five standards for evaluation, including vision, culture and instructional leadership; board governance and policy; operations, resource and personnel management; communication and community relations; and ethical leadership.

Written comments in the evaluations denote the trustees’ reflections on Feuling’s strengths with the district’s relationships with employees, fiscal management of resources, instructional oversight or operations and communications with stakeholders, as well as testimony during the legislative session.

“Mr. Feuling’s efforts to secure increased funding for schools should not go unnoticed in this evaluation,” the feedback summary states. “His work on the Commission for School Funding and his testimony during the legislative session helped not only students within our district, but students throughout Nevada.”

During the board discussion Dec. 12, Trustee Joe Cacioppo said he understood it takes time for someone new to the position to understand what happens on a daily basis, collect data on Carson City’s schools, assess what’s needed and move forward.

“I think the district is in great shape,” Cacioppo said of Feuling’s performance after his first year.

Trustees’ assessments consistently mentioned his success developing staff relationships, bargaining units, responsibilities with fiscal processes, investments in student safety and the district’s strategic plan.

Trustee Lupe Ramirez said in some areas, she gave Feuling 3s instead of 4s to help guide him in the coming year. Ramirez, an advocate of Carson City’s English learners, said she hoped he would make more progress reaching more bilingual families. She rated Feuling a 2 in this area, saying she was unable to properly assess that he was able to close the achievement gap among all student demographics. Recommendations for improvement included adding a full-time bilingual position in schools’ front office to help parents feel more welcome.

“I see where you’re taking the district, and I think it’s very helpful that we’re going to advance every year,” Ramirez said. “In regard to the 2s I chose to give you in regard to my ratings … I feel like we need to make some progress, recognizing that about 48% of our student population is Latino, and anything we’re able to do to help you, I’m more than happy to help.”

The board also recommended a quarterly report of performance by Feuling compared against the district’s strategic plan and for Feuling to develop a set of superintendent goals.

The board adjusted and approved Feuling’s contract unanimously in June after he was first hired to the position last year. His contract is for four years.

Feuling thanked the board, the district staff and administrative assistant Renae Cortez for the assistance they provide on a daily basis.

“I feel very lucky to work here,” Feuling said. “Thank you to all the amazing people that are here – our classified staff, our teachers. I know some of these people have been here for so long. Our principals, who, I think, just day in and day out, are just trying to do great things for kids, Ms. Renae, who’s just trying to make sure I’m not walking around without two shoes on.

“These folks’ hearts are in the right place, and that makes such a difference,” Feuling said. “Thank you very much.”


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