Care Flight: Transport airplane returns to service Sunday

The fixed-wing aircraft that will begin service Dec. 31.

The fixed-wing aircraft that will begin service Dec. 31.

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Care Flight-REMSA said Friday in a news release it will restart its medical transport airplane service Sunday.

Care Flight-REMSA Health paused service of the Care Flight “fixed-wing aircraft” program following a medical transport plane crash Feb. 24 outside of Stagecoach.

After a review, the organization said it is reinstating Care Flight’s fixed-wing program Sunday, Dec. 31. Guardian Flight will continue as the contracted aviation vendor for the program. Guardian Flight will continue to be responsible for aircraft maintenance, pilot training and pilot staffing, the release said.

The fixed-wing program provides critical care transports to patients across 11 western states. Care Flight crews have participated in refamiliarization training specific to the fixed-wing program.

In addition, Care Flight has provided and encouraged crews to participate in comfort flights on the replacement aircraft, the release said. These dedicated, non-transport flights allow crew members to re-engage with the aircraft and ensure professional and emotional readiness for the return of service.

Care Flight helicopters have provided critical care service since March 6 after a pause in operations following the crash.


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