Letters to the Editor for January 7, 2023

Kudos to workers

Like so many of us in Carson City, we were hit with no electricity or heat for three days. A major thank you and thumbs up to those who froze their whatevers off around the clock to restore service. NV Energy should be proud of their work force for completing the restoration of their service. All I can say is best to all of them.

In conjunction with this, many, many thanks to our neighbors who took care of us old folks during this crisis. Keeping our driveway clear; taking us out for dinner for pizza (my comfort food); offering the use of their home and keeping in touch with us through this crisis. We owe so much to so many.

Bob Hilderbrand

Carson City

Thank you to workers

Well, quite the storm we had over the weekend... with more on the way.

Folks, if you don't have to go anywhere – don't. And, if you do – slow down and increase the odds of getting there in one piece.

And, finally... to all the first responders, workers at NDOT, NV Energy (even Spectrum) forced to go out in the weather to restore needed services: Thank you!

Sean Mick

Carson City

Why no red wave?

I'm still wondering about the mid-term election results. Why no red wave? Here's what we have since the Democrats took power. Record high gasoline prices, highest inflation in 40 years, high mortgage rates, high rent rates, 25% loss in IRA and 401(k) values, borderline recession, totally open border with millions of illegals crossing and billions of cartel drugs crossing. All this resulting from the Democrats following all of President Biden's policies.

So, why no red wave after all this pain from Democrats? Why was Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto re-elected? She totally supported and voted for all of these policies and programs. Maybe it was because her campaign spent millions to saturate all media. Maybe Nevadans simply thought, "thank you Sen. Cortez Masto.” We need six more years of this. Guess I'll never know.

Ron Savinski



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