Letters to the Editor for January 18, 2023

Plan today for the future

The affordable housing project recently awarded $39.4 million should include heat pump installation for heating and A/C providing a lower utility cost for the occupants who would not be able to afford the heat-pump installation otherwise.

The installation of a 200-amp main electrical panel for future vehicle charging in each family housing unit should also be included, since electric and hybrid vehicle cost is expected to lower and be affordable for lower income groups, especially when rebates are included. Multiple trees should also be planned creating an urban forest and providing a few degree cooler environment for the area. These should be “no-brainer” decisions for the planned development.

Actually, all new housing and housing projects should include these sensible measures to help lower carbon emissions in all new construction, not just “affordable” housing. These requirements should target a wide community effort to minimize the disastrous effects fossil fuel burning is having on the environment, with urban forest planning used to minimize the increasing global warming that climate scientists have proven is occurring and is sure to worsen.

Everyone should urge their state, county and city building regulations be updated to require all new development include a heat-pump, a 200-amp electrical panel (minimum) and inclusion of sufficient trees to provide a natural cooling to combat the increasing temperatures that have been seen in our state.

Roger Heath

Carson City

Thank you for plow assist

To the person in the blue pickup truck with the plow on the front end who was driving north on Edmonds Drive on Tuesday morning with your plow down, thank you! I appreciated driving on a nice clean snow-free roadway because of your efforts to help your neighbors that day. Kudos! And again, thank you!

Dave Ferree

Carson City

Question the science

Before too much more time passes, the fossil site tales in both the Dec. 31 Nevada Appeal (“fossil site maternity ward”) and the Dec. 28 Record Courier (“ichthyosaur nursery”), beg a little common sense be brought to bear.

In the first place, “millions of years” between then and now would mean earth’s sun star would have burned out a long time ago … and WE wouldn’t be here.

Secondly, billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth (with your dinosaurs ending up in “sea beds”), is evidence of a cataclysmic, worldwide flood, factually and geologically documented in detail. Things were buried quickly and powerfully. Present day evidence is seen in the multiple fossilized logs found on the bottom of Spirit Lake at Mount St. Helens after she blew.

Thirdly, dinosaurs HAD to be buried quickly to fossilize, or they would have simply decayed with time. (Soft tissue discovered in dinosaur fossils show they couldn’t possibly be “millions “of years old.)

Lastly, true science deals only with repeatable, observable processes in the present. Were the researchers and paleontologists there? No. These are speculations about the unobservable and unrepeatable past. Consider these words quoted from the scientist/researchers themselves in both articles:

“…might have been… would have… proposed a different theory… kind of points toward… suggesting… believed to be… new study… rule out previous…”

Would true, objective scientific discoveries sound like that, and ignore the above findings?

Joy Uhart


Anything else not affordable?

Are we doing this just because Biden is printing the money for it? Will it add to the debt we already owe? What and who are “awardees?” Is the “prevailing wage” involved? Will it further de-value our existing currency?

Who’s fault is this? Yours, mine, theirs? Who is they?

What caused the unaffordability to begin with? Excessive taxing? More taxes? Will that soon affect us all? Greed? Being entitled? Being un-entitled? Illegals? Democrats? Republicans?

If we build it, is that not just accommodating more of it? Will we soon need to build more? How much more? Who will be paying for that? Those that need it? Those that want it? Those that don’t need it? Everybody else?

Will some have to do without, to pay their “fair share?” Will it just pay for itself?

Who will make up the difference if any? You, me, those who can’t afford it? Those on fixed incomes? The government? Who is the “government”?

Why not just lower taxes? Have less taxes or just be honest about it? What else is coming?

Is this just another sacred cow? Something for nothing?

Do we get to vote on this? Do we need another New York City here? Is our capital becoming a ghost town?

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City


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