Fallon Theatre opens July with 'Beethoven' and 'Frankenstein'

An image of the Fallon Theatre.

An image of the Fallon Theatre.

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We have some great movies for you this July, including a few classic horror films. Hope you can join us and remember our movies are free.

Here is our movie lineup this weekend — playing both Friday and Saturday. We have at 6 p.m. the 1992 family comedy “Beethoven” written by John Hughes. The Newton family decides to adopt a cute St. Bernard puppy and before long the adorable canine, dubbed Beethoven, has grown considerably, leading to many household mishaps. While the family dotes on Beethoven, it takes time for them to see the pooch's finer qualities. However, Beethovens's life with the Newton family is jeopardized when a scheming veterinarian tries to nab the dog for a deadly experiment. Starring Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt and Dean Jones.

Our second feature each evening, starting at 7 p.m. is the original 1931 classic horror film “Frankenstein.” This iconic horror film follows the obsessed scientist Dr. Henry Frankenstein as he attempts to create life by assembling a creature from body parts of the deceased. Aided by his loyal misshapen assistant, Frankenstein succeeds in animating his monster, but it escapes into the countryside and begins to wreak havoc. Frankenstein searches for the elusive being and eventually must confront his tormented creation.

Starring Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Mae Clarke and Edward van Sloan. The enormous success of this film gave birth to a film genre, its style set the tone for future horror films and it features the most iconic monster in cinema history.

Mark your calendars for July 28 as the Reno band Blunderbusst and local favorite The Will Shamberger Band take our stage. Concert starts at 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $12.


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