Noah Vonne taps ‘rock vein’ for Carson City performance

Noah Vonne

Noah Vonne

Carson City gets a new face when Noah Vonne comes to town this Saturday as part of the Brewery Art Center’s Levitt AMP Concert Series. This will be the musician’s first time playing here.

“I am very excited to see more of what Nevada brings,” she said.


Vonne creates her original sound by blending rock, soul, blues and pop, but also focuses on her songwriting.

“The best way to describe it is singer/songwriter rock and roll,” she said. “Because I’m blending the ideas a little bit. And the rock and roll has that singer/songwriter built into it as well, and it has the blues and the soul and it has the potential folk nuance.”

Her blend of styles comes from the three places she’s called home. She grew up in Texas then moved to Nashville for college and spent seven years there, and now she is based out of Los Angeles.

“Growing up in Texas gave me this bluesy-rock undertone to everything,” she said. “Then when I went to Nashville, I learned a whole lot of songwriting and just learning how important lyrics are and all of the songwriting format bits and pieces of it to really making a great song.”

Now in Los Angeles, she said she wants to take the “rock vein in her” and start pushing her performance on stage.

“L.A. has shown me that people like to get moving out here, and I dig that a lot,” she said.


She said she’s been singing her whole life and while in high school, she had auditioned for The Voice. She said she was had a manager who pushed her to try out for the TV show and got her ahead in the auditions, but she couldn’t do it.

“I got nervous and anxious and choked up,” she said.

She said the contracts at the time confused her, so she took her time and went to school at Belmont University in Nashville to learn music business.

“I knew I needed more skills and honing before I hit the pavement,” she said. “I would have just gotten lost.”


Vonne played solo shows since high school and from 2018-20 she was playing with another person or sometimes as a trio for shows. The pandemic put the shows on hold, but once things got rolling again, she put together the band in Los Angeles and focused more on heavy rock.

“And that felt really good, and I needed to release that, and that’s what I’m trying to do with this next set of music,” she said.

She said putting on the rock show gives her a different feel inside creatively.

“The release of that is very important in the creative realm,” she said. “For rock I can just bump my booty off and it feels very different.”

She put together her band with a friend from college and two musicians based in Los Angeles. Her left-handed guitar playing friend from the Belmont days is Kaycie Satterfield, and she also does backing vocals. Then there’s bassist Aubrey Harris, who Vonne says is incredible. David Cola is on drums.

“He’s a killer drummer so I’m excited about this,” she said.

Vonne plays guitar and sings lead vocals.


As a songwriter, Vonne brings plenty of her own original music and she likes to add in a fun cover song or two.

“It’s really about the songwriting and feeling the freedom that songwriting gives you in songs,” she said.

Her most recent single is “To Do’s” which can be found on all streaming platforms. She has another single planned to be released in August. Her plan is to keep releasing singles until they’re ready to do a full album. She released the album “We Weren’t Sober” in May 2022.

Vonne has many other music influences and people she looks up to. She said she loves Norah Jones and Janis Joplin, and if she could go on tour with another musician she’d choose Margo Price.

“She (Joplin) is the epitome of what I’m saying with that release in rock, in that, ‘I’m here and I’m present and I have all these feelings and can release them on stage,’” Vonne said. “She is the epitome of that.”


WHAT: Noah Vonne with opening act KatBoss at Brewery Art Center’s Levitt AMP Concert Series

WHERE: 449 W. King St. at the Brewery Arts Center

WHEN: 7 p.m. Saturday, July 8



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