Currying favor for the American cur

Kaipo is a handsome two-year-old Anatolian Shepherd. He is full of energy and ready to have fun. He loves people and hugs. Kaipo needs someone who will keep him busy and active.

Kaipo is a handsome two-year-old Anatolian Shepherd. He is full of energy and ready to have fun. He loves people and hugs. Kaipo needs someone who will keep him busy and active.
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Dear Reader, I have always thought the word cur was used as an insult for a person, usually a despicable man, or a dog who is very aggressive and unattractive. I did not know that cur also refers to several related dog breeds that are common in the southern states.

The name cur comes from the Old Norse term kurra, which means growl. These dogs are athletic, intelligent, loyal, and excellent hunters. Historically they fulfilled a variety of tasks, including herding livestock, tracking, and treeing varmints.

I realized while rereading Old Yeller that the dog described is a Yellow Cur. In the movie version, a Yellow Labrador Retriever/Mastiff portrayed Yeller so curs did not get screen exposure. I suspect Old Yeller launched interest for Labradors.

The silver screen is not the only snub that curs have had because the American Kennel Club does not recognize the breed. Curs are however, the state dog for both Texas and Louisiana honored for the part they played in the early history of each state. The Texas Cur is the Blue Lacy and the Catahoula Leopard represents Louisiana.

There are at least 14 varieties of the cur. Even though there are significant variations within the different breeds, they share many attributes. Curs have an athletic body, a broad chest, and a hound muzzle. Usually their coat is short and they do not shed a lot.

Currently one of the most popular is the Black Mouthed Cur. Known for their loyalty, strength, and ease in training, they are wonderful family members. In the future, I will correct anyone who uses the word cur in a mean-spirited way. I will tell them to curb their tongue!


We have two adorable puppies, one three-month female, and one eight-month male.

We also have three fluffy male kittens ages three to eight months in a rainbow of colors. All our babies need foster homes.


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