Churchill County legal - 32115


Notice is hereby given that a public lien sale

of the following describes personal property

will be held online at: www.storageauctions.

com Auction Date: Thursday, April 06, 2023

at 9:00 am Location: Shield Storage - Fallon,

4505 Reno Hwy, Fallon, NV, 89406

Maine Street: 899 N Main Street, Fallon, NV


Taylor Place: 1105 Taylor Place, Fallon, NV


Reno Highway: 4570 Reno Highway, Fallon,

NV 89406

Westside: 4505 Reno Highway, Fallon, NV


Storm Room: 4661 Beacon Way, Fallon, NV


The auction will consist of personal property

including, but not limited to Household goods

(i.e. boxes, clothes, bins) etc. The contents

of the rental storage units belonging to the

following persons will be sold:

Unit Name

I35 - Jose Ibarra

I33 - Charissa Hill

M156 - Kedora Smith

S38 - Angela Billings

R30 - Natividad Barton

K07 - Refujio Alanis

A49 - Joan Clayton

C1XX - Christina Smokey

C27 - David Kuras

130 - Makayla Jones

I12 - Del Valle Delrio

I07 - Kaylie Tisdale

M100 - Skyler Koelsch

M30 - Sandra Currier

029 - Debra Cardinale

S36 - Evette Demonet

S56 - Cassondra Williams

This notice is given in accordance with the

provisions of Nevada Lien Law Title 9, Security

Instruments of Public Utilities; Mortgages;

Deeds of Trust; Other Liens, Chapter 108,

Salutatory Liens, Liens of Owners of Facilities

for Storage

Pub Date: March 23, 30, 2023

Ad # 32115


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