Bighorn news: White receives WNC awards

Pictured are Brooklyn Mello, Saneya Burns, Josiah Helm and Noah Herrera.

Pictured are Brooklyn Mello, Saneya Burns, Josiah Helm and Noah Herrera.
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Oasis Academy student and Co-Valedictorian Casamaro White was one of only a few scholars to earn multiple honors at the Western Nevada College student awards banquet on April 21.

White was presented the Liberal Arts Student of the Year, Geology and the Oasis Academy Jump Start Student of the Year for Oasis Academy at the annual Associated Students of Western Nevada College (ASWN) Award Banquet.

White has shown his dedication to his studies throughout his time at Oasis while being part of the Jump Start program. He was nominated by Dr. Brigitte Dillet for the Liberal Arts Award and Oasis Counselor Andy Lenon and Oasis Advisor Lisa Swan for the Jump Start Award.

White is a well-deserving recipient of the honors.

“Casamaro is as talented as they come in and out of the classroom,” said Oasis Counselor Andy Lenon. “His work ethic, drive, and mentality are unparalleled. He is a model student-athlete maintaining a perfect GPA while competing in football, basketball, and lacrosse.”

“He makes no excuses about anything and has faced adversity head-on. He possesses all the qualities that a university would look for, poise, time management, and dedication,” Lenon added.

According to the WNC website, “The reception enabled the student government group the opportunity to present awards to students in a variety of academic areas, including Workforce, Career and Technical Education; Jump Start; Liberal Arts; and Nursing & Allied Health.”

Lax to the max

Girls lacrosse season is coming to an end but the Lady Bighorns have been busy and their success shows how much effort they put in this season. The team finished undefeated even as they navigated with several new players.

The growing sport provides an amazing outlet and learning opportunity for students to get physically active, develop leadership skills and work in a team. The Bighorn team provides an excellent opportunity for students from throughout the community to develop new friendships and support driven athletes.

“I have loved playing lacrosse this year with a new team. I think we’ve had good chemistry from the start. I’ve seen the new players improve tons and I can’t wait to play again next year,” recounted Sarah Polish, a new member on the team.

Coach Karla Craig is in her first-year coaching and has done extraordinarily well this year.

To learn more about Bighorn athletics and girls lacrosse, contact Assistant Athletic Director Amanda Gilbertson at

— Hunter McNabb

Moon models

First grade had fun exploring the phases of the moon. They created models by using Oreo cookies.

Students used Oreo halves to show the main phases from new moon (Oreo cookies with no cream) to full moons (Oreo cookies with all the cream).

“First graders loved learning about patterns in the sky, especially when Oreos can be used to make the phases of the moon. It was educational, fun and yummy,” said first grade teacher Jami Rowlett.

Baseball wraps first season

In its inaugural season, the Oasis baseball team surpassed expectations. The team finished a strong season with a 12-4 record.

At the team banquet on May 10, Coach Sean McNabb pointed out just how well the team did. He compared several of the team's statistics to the national averages using data from MaxPreps.

Specific statistics include the teams batting average at 0.447 with the national average at 0.278, team runs totaled 163 with the national average at 103, team hits totaled 205 with the national average at 118, team stolen bases totaled 105 with the national average at 49, and team RBIs 145 with the national average at 80.

Pitching also excelled with the Oasis total batters striking out 129 and the national average at 111.

The comparisons to the averages did not stop with on the field performances. Academic performance was mentioned.

McNabb made sure to point out these were the most important statistics of the night. Of the 11 players on the Oasis Team six have a perfect 4.0 GPA. The GPA includes grades for their dual enrollment college classes. The Oasis Team GPA is currently at 3.76, the second highest in the entire state.

"I am very proud of all of the players on our team,” McNabb said. “They worked extremely hard on and off the field to not only meet but surpass the expectations of many. They set the tone and created a strong team culture. All while emphasizing and upholding our team mantra, ‘it's not who we play, it's how we play.”

Due to this being the team’s first year, NIAA rules state that the team was ineligible for playoffs.

“This inaugural season was very personal for me as my son was lucky enough to be part of this team,” said Melissa Mackedon, Oasis CEO. “I literally cannot say enough positive things about the coaching staff and boys on the team. I cannot wait to see what happens next year … oh, and that team’s GPA makes me proud on so many levels.”


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