Letter: Thank you for bringing problem to light

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Thank you, Scott Neuffer of the Nevada Appeal, on your story about the Klug Family challenge in trying to secure an affordable home to buy. I would encourage any financially well-to-do person or family in our area to reach out to these families struggling for home ownership and assist them by offering them a reasonable deal. There are so many more benefits in giving than receiving. I believe our economic situation in this nation no longer fits the supply and demand equation.

I see families living in apartments trying to raise their children with no safe place to play or small park for their pets. Can't anyone see how difficult raising more than three children in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment would be? Then the continual rent raises are taking more food off their tables, more money out of their pocketbooks, as if these folks struggling are fully supplied ATM machines. It is becoming inhumane.

I wish our city and state governments would take more action. These young families are our future; treat them with more dignity and respect while offering them an opportunity they will appreciate for a lifetime. Communities thrive when opportunity affords all.

Ann Burke

Carson City


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