Supervisors hold hearing on bar’s business license

Remedy’s Bar off East William Street is seen Oct. 2, 2023.

Remedy’s Bar off East William Street is seen Oct. 2, 2023.
Photo by Scott Neuffer.

The business license of an East William Street bar will be the focus of the Carson City Board of Supervisors meeting Thursday.

The meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. in the community center. Supervisors will hold a show-cause hearing around 9 a.m. to determine if the business license for Remedy’s Bar, 306 E. William St., should be suspended, canceled or revoked. According to the agenda, the reason for the hearing is because the bar has been operating without a liquor manager as discovered by city staff in July.

On Sept. 21, supervisors voted unanimously to set the hearing and send a notice of an order to appear to business owner Michelle Rodriguez.

According to Carson City Community Development, on Friday, Remedy’s Bar LLC submitted an application to the city to make the liquor manager Mary Sellars. At the Sept. 21 hearing, Sellars had expressed interest in purchasing the bar and apologized to supervisors for mistakes made in the process.

“After hearing from the city and the business owner, the board must decide whether good cause exists to suspend, cancel or revoke the business license,” reads a staff report.

Suspending a business license is “a temporary withdrawal of the privilege to conduct a business.”

“The business will not be able to operate while the license is suspended, but its license may be reinstated by meeting certain conditions, taking required action or receiving certain approvals,” according to the report.

Revoking a business license leads to its permanent termination.

“The business will not be able to operate until it reapplies for a new business license and that business license is approved,” reads the report.

Canceling a business license “means that the business license is declared void, as if the business license had never been granted in the first place.”

In other action, as part of the consent agenda:

• Supervisors will review a number of proposed purchases for the Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office, which is preparing for the 2024 election cycle.

The total not-to-exceed amount of the purchases is $217,199, according to the consent agenda. This includes purchases of USB devices and flash drives for ballot-marking devices; a computer system upgrade; a new high-speed ballot scanner and tabulator — the biggest ticket item at an estimated $154,445 — and a video camera system in the elections room “for observers during ballot counting.”

“The Carson City Clerk-Recorder administers all federal, state and local elections within its boundaries,” reads a staff report. “In 2024, there will be three elections to administer, including the presidential preference primary in February, the primary election in June and the general election in November.

“The requested new equipment and system upgrades are necessary to accommodate an increase in voter turnout. The video camera system would also foster transparency in the election process by facilitating the observation of vote tabulation in the election room without physical disturbance in the election workspace.”

• Supervisors will consider ratifying a grant submittal from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office asking the Nevada Governor’s Finance Office for up to $2.2 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding.

According to a staff report, there would be no local match, and the funds would be used to remodel the Carson City Detention Center to meet mental health and medical needs.

“This grant would provide funds to remodel the jail to create a mental health/medical unit with nine cells within the current detention facility using existing space,” according to the report.


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