City opens pickleball courts at Oats Park

The new Oats Park pickleball courts are now officially open.

The new Oats Park pickleball courts are now officially open.
Sara Dowling | NNG

The new Oats Park pickleball courts are completed and ready for use.

The Fallon City Council and staff attended the Oct. 25 opening ceremony with Mayor Ken Tedford cutting the red ribbon. Tedford, council members Kelly Frost and Paul Harmon then collectively served for the first time on the new courts followed by attendees who took turns playing.

The project features six individually fenced-in court areas painted in blue with a green background, two water fountains, new lighting, ample bench seating and state-of-the-art surfacing.

The Fallon Pickleball Club held its inaugural gameplay on the courts Saturday morning.

In other news the city council held a public hearing during a special meeting on Oct. 24 to consider changing all “M-1 Industrial District” zoned properties located east of Maine Street/U.S. Highway 95 to “C-2 General Commercial District” zoning.

City Engineer Derek Zimney presented the proposal, saying the city staff feels the new zoning better represents the current use of properties in the area.

“The M-1 Industrial District was established when the Union Pacific Railroad spur line crossed Highway 95 north and ran east and south on land within this area,” Zimney said. “At that time, the M-1 zoning was established to accommodate heavy industrial and manufacturing enterprises. C-2 zoning is more accommodating and allows any use permitted in any residence district and any use permitted in the C-1 district and is compatible with the surrounding area.”

During public comment, Cynthia Martin asked for examples of what can be put into the area under the C-2 rezoning. Tedford and Zimney said that businesses and residences such as stores, bars and single and multi-family housing would be allowed upon council approval for the various licensing. Heavy machinery industrial such as a steel mill would be permitted under the current M-1 zoning but not the proposed C-2.

Zimney emphasized applications for land use are subject to a full staff review before approval. Councilwoman Kelly Frost asked if there were any written responses to the zone change notices sent out to property owners. Zimney said he had received two written responses and both were supportive of the change.

After the discussion, the council took action to unanimously approve the C-2 rezoning. Councilwoman Karla Kent owns property affected by the proposed change and abstained from voting.


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