Cynthia Ferris-Bennett: Super Bowl superfood

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Will the 2024 Super Bowl champion be the 49ers or the Chiefs? While everyone may not agree on who will win, everyone can agree that Super Bowl food is one of the highlights of this all-American past time.

The top 10 favorite nosh items are... chicken wings... nachos... chili... chips and dip... meatballs... pretzels... veggie platters... cheese trays... pizza... and the all-time favorite... SLIDERS!

A slider bar will be the all-star at your Super Bowl party. At Sierra Chef, the slider arena is the most requested nosh for Super Bowl parties. Three to five slider options allow for a nice selection for your guests. Slider options are limited only by your imagination...

Don’t use the same type of bun for every slider. There are so many wonderful options... pretzel, Hawaiian, potato, deli, brioche, mini croissant, seeded bun, and waffles.

Here are a few of our favorites. Many of these can be made with pre-prepared items or completely from scratch. We suggest adding a sandwich skewer to each slider for a neat presentation.

• Caprese: Potato bun, thin sliced mozzarella, tomato, basil leaf

• Pesto cheeseburgers: Seeded bun, small hamburger patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, A1 sauce

• Philly cheesesteak: Deli bun, deli beef, onions, garlic (sauté together), top with cheese, sausage and peppers

• Seeded bun: Sauteed peppers, onions and sausage slices, top with cheese

• Meatball: Pretzel bun, meatballs, marinara sauce, top with cheese

• Pulled pork: Hawaiian roll, pulled pork mixed with apricot pineapple jam

• Deli: Deli bun, top with assorted meats, cheeses, roast red peppers and pesto

• Chicken pesto: Brioche bun, breaded chicken slices and pesto

• Chicken and waffles: Mini waffles, breaded chicken slices and drizzle with real maple syrup

• Buffalo chicken: Hawaiian roll, breaded chicken slices topped with Frank’s hot sauce

• Chicken parmesan: Seeded bun, breaded chicken slices, marinara sauce, shredded parmesan

• Sloppy joe: Potato bun, sloppy joe mix topped with cheese

• Ham and Swiss: Mini croissant, ham slices, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard

Have a fantastic Super Bowl party... go 49ers!

Cynthia Ferris-Bennett is the owner of Sierra Chef Culinary Center, Italian Bakery, Deli & Gourmet Market in Genoa.


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