Jim Valentine: The impact of change

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

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Change is inevitable in all aspects of life. Despite their great business acumen, major companies that had great influence on the American public have seen change impact them. Examples include Kodak and its Kodachrome film meeting the world of digital photography, Xerox copies meeting digital scanners and email.

Tethered phones/computers/cameras meeting smartphones, and there is always the last buggy whip maker, Westfield Whip Co., succumbing to the prevalence of the automobile. Things evolve in real estate as well. Many have to do with how we utilize our homes with our lifestyle changes. An example is the absence of built-in television “cubbies” in new homes.

With the introduction of very large, inexpensive flatscreen TVs there is now a large flat area appropriately located in new homes. In fact, resale homes with such built-in television recesses are actually losing appeal if there isn’t an alternative wall space for the television.

Older homes are wired with fewer outlets. In the not-so-distant past homes didn’t have the power demands for recharging and operating cell phones, computers, Bluetooth devices everywhere, wi-fi connected appliances, routers, garage door openers, etc.

Many homes these days need charging stations in every bedroom for family members, office, kitchen, living room, etc. The electrical demands of the modern home are stunning. Larger cars and trucks have resulted in larger garages as “standard equipment” on most new houses.

Garden and recreational assets have gone from a shovel, rake and lawnmower to many devices, i.e. – blowers, electric chainsaws, weed-eaters and so much more. Many of them are electrical these days needing more power in the garage to recharge.

The toys have gone from a bicycle to a variety of things like paddle boards/kayaks, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis and more that take up space in the garage. Where one car garages were a luxurious sufficiency decades ago, today a three-car garage is quite normal with extra length for the longer vehicles.

Front doors used to have a brass knocker to help you alert the occupants to your presence. Today we have doorbells with video cameras through which you can talk to the visitor even if you are miles away. Your home thermostat is similarly upgraded. You used to have a mercury or ethanol-filled thermostat triggering your heating/cooling system. Today it can be digital and, again, you can control it from miles away.

Lighting is no longer incandescent bulbs in the middle of the bedroom ceiling, but many variations of options of colors, hues, and many being able to be controlled by your smartphone or by your voice-controlled computer access. Many homes these days seem to have someone behind the curtain named “Alexa” that controls many functions of the modern-day home. We’ve never met her, but it is a common name for a phenomenon.

When you remodel your home consider bringing it current to the times for the modern buyer. It goes beyond new carpet and paint but extends to lifestyle of today’s contemporary person. It will give you an edge in the market when you decide to sell.

We recently sold our first home with a Tesla charging station included. This could be the very next phase. Thank you, Donovan. Kitchens, baths, windows all have many new and innovative products to choose from when building or upgrading your home. Stay up with the times in more ways than the fashion trends.

When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your Real Estate needs… Experience is Priceless! Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Gold Carson Valley, 775-781-3704. dpwtigers@hotmail.com.


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