Letter: Intersections, crosswalks need a hard look

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I live on the corner of Humboldt Lane and Long Street in Carson City. Many kids going to and from school, retired people, as well as residents from the housing north of this corner cross Long Street at the intersection with Humboldt Lane to get to and from the shops on Williams Street. The crosswalk striping is faded and useless. Many drivers do not yield for pedestrians. I was nearly clipped by a speeding vehicle who seemed to be avoiding the stop lights on William Street.

I would like the pedestrian crossing striping to be re-painted and have the corner monitored with ticketing of offenders who do not yield to pedestrians, who run the stop signs on Humboldt and who turn onto Humboldt at great speed even though there are kids in the neighborhood near that corner. Unfortunately, we are looking at another situation where someone needs to be injured or killed before attention comes to a dangerous intersection.

Franco DiCarlo

Carson City


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