CAPS: Do your ears hang low and wobble?

Ellie is an elegant 2 1/2-year-old tabby with enchanting green eyes and adorable ear tufts. She is a bit reserved and quiet but enjoys people. Her idea of a great time is having you pet her while sitting on your lap.

Ellie is an elegant 2 1/2-year-old tabby with enchanting green eyes and adorable ear tufts. She is a bit reserved and quiet but enjoys people. Her idea of a great time is having you pet her while sitting on your lap.
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Dear reader, walking around Liberty Park is a daily joy and it never fails that I meet someone I know. I hadn’t seen Roger and his adorable Basset Hounds for a long time, but fortunately we ran into each other. It was interesting to visit and learn more about this incredible breed.

Originally from France, their name Basset comes from the French word bas that means low. Their short legs are due to a type of dwarfism also seen in corgis and dachshunds, which is caused by an extra gene in their DNA. Bred for hunting small game like foxes, rabbits, and badgers, their tracking ability and short stature established them as excellent hunters.

Known for their long ears, loose neck, and face skin, they look droopy; however, all these features work together to deliver an excellent tracker. Their ears scoop up scent particles as they walk and the extra neck skin traps the scents, which allows the pup to carry a reference sample as they hunt.

Unfortunately, because their ears hang low, they don’t get a lot of air circulation, and they are susceptible to infection that may stink. Constant attention to cleaning their ears is very important to avoid yeast infections and earwax build up.

Their noses are very acute, because they contain over 220 million smell receptors, which is greater than most other breeds. Bassets’ sense of smell is second only to the Bloodhound. This trait is helpful for hunting and finding people.

Probably one of the most memorable things about Bassets is their howling. They are extremely melodious. One popular story is Southern hunters threw howling packs of Bassets cornballs   (hush puppies) to quiet them down. James Gaylor Muir, an advertising agent, recognized a marketing opportunity and used the Basset image combined with the nickname hush puppies to market Hush Puppy shoes. This brand is recognizable in 90 percent of the world bringing fame to the adorable Basset with the ears that hang low that wobble to-and-fro.


Paint Your Pet Night is Sat. Feb. 10, 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Old Post Office. Come and create a portrait of your pet. All supplies, beverages, and appetizers provided for only $40. All proceeds go to CAPS. Text Genevieve at 801-694-0059 to attend this fun-filled evening.


We have two handsome 15-month-old males. BG and Diego are shy guys. They have lived their lives at CAPS but are anxiously waiting to find a forever home. Cat lovers, we have two nine-month-old kittens. They are cute!



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