Eastern Canada is on chamber travel radar next May

Parliament Hill in Ottawa is one of the stops on the May 2025 tour of Eastern Canada.

Parliament Hill in Ottawa is one of the stops on the May 2025 tour of Eastern Canada.

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If the photo caught your eye, you are probably thinking this travel column will be about some charming city in Europe or the U.K.

The tall tower in the center could be mistaken for Big Ben in London. Ah, but those who know Big Ben already know this can’t be.

What you are seeing is a photo of Parliament Hill in Canada’s federal capital city of Ottawa, one of the stops on our 2025 Collette Tour of Eastern Canada departing May 23, 2025.

It’s time to get to know our Canadian neighbors better, and the eastern portion of Canada is a good start since the cities we will see on this tour were the first to be established when present day Canada was founded in the late 15th century.

After all, we share a 5,500-mile undefended border with Canada and the same historical roots. While we are culturally similar in many ways, there are many reasons to know Canada and its very polite people better as we enjoy Canadian hospitality and spectacular scenery.

The tour begins with a two-night say in Toronto with the second day enjoying a boat cruise on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

After getting sprayed by this ancient waterwall going back to the Ice Age as you cruise the falls, you then spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying Niagara-on-the-Lake reputed to be, “the loveliest town in Canada” followed by dinner in Toronto.

On what we know will be a spectacular Sunday, travelers will journey to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, to spend two nights in this beautiful city, stopping first in Rockport, gateway to the “spectacular Thousand Islands,” to enjoy a cruise through this unspoiled region.

To top off this great Sunday, there’s dinner at a local Ottawa restaurant. While in Ottawa, you’ll explore the picturesque city before venturing to an indigenous heritage farm where you’ll cook skillet bread accompanied by tea and be charmed by traditional stories and teachings.

Then it’s off to the heart of Canada’s French heritage, Quebec City, for two nights where the Old Town was proclaimed a UNESCO Heritage Site. On the first night, dinner will be served on Ile d’ Orleans, a farmland island on the St. Lawrence River reputed to be “overflowing with charm.”

Before leaving Quebec City, you’ll enjoy breakfast at a local sugar shack and learn about the wonders of Canadian maple syrup. Then with full bellies, it’s on to Montreal for your last two nights.

On the way to Montreal, we will visit another natural wonder so many know so little about.

While Niagara Falls is known worldwide, Montmorency Falls just outside of Quebec City is 100 feet taller than Niagara Falls, formed over several hundred million years ago, and is comprises three separate waterfalls.

Our trip ends in Montreal, where we will spend our last two days touring and learning more about this interesting and beautiful city. We fly home from Montreal, never once backtracking as we see and learn as much as we can about our northern neighbors.

Your hotels are all four-star plus. The iconic luxury Lord Elgin Hotel in downtown Ottawa is considered a historic gem steeped in history and charm. The Hilton Hotel in Quebec City is located on Parliament Hill.

All hotels are centrally located and top of the line. Included in the tour are eight nights’ lodging, daily breakfast and four dinners, all touring, transfers, air taxes and more. Air is round-trip from Reno and there’s free parking at the chamber lot. Cost is $4,349 per person. Seats are limited.

Canadians are proud of their country and will have you singing “O Canada” before you return home. Stop by the Carson City Chamber, 1900 S. Carson St., for your free brochure. The tour will be featured at the next Travel Club meeting on Aug. 6.

Must RSVP to 775-882-1565. The complete itinerary can be found by logging on to Explore our other tours as well.

Before ending this column, I must bring you up to date on our favorite traveler, Marilyn Foster, who used to pen this column. We continue to get inquiries about what she is up to these days.

Foster turned 95 in late January and has decided to enjoy staying home after experiencing some health issues. However, she is as feisty as ever and misses packing her suitcase. She still drives and can be seen at concerts and around town. She plans to join us on Aug. 6.


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