Mayor updates Chamber on city projects

Mayor Ken Tedford addresses the Fallon Chamber of Commerce membership during the May luncheon.

Mayor Ken Tedford addresses the Fallon Chamber of Commerce membership during the May luncheon.
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Mayor Ken Tedford updated the Fallon Chamber of Commerce membership regarding City of Fallon projects at the May 16 monthly luncheon.

Tedford said Fallon was incorporated in 1908 as a general law city. The mayor is the chief executive officer and is involved in everything from purchase orders to personnel. He said the city council acts as the legislative body, setting the broad parameters under which the city operates. All department heads are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council.

Tedford said the city takes care of the infrastructure, which is funded in several ways. “Earmarks” are approved funding from Congress sent directly to the governmental agency in charge of the project which, Tedford said, can be a real problem for the city. During the delay between approval of the funding and actually receiving the funding, the cost of the project often substantially increases.

Tedford cited the renovation of the backup water tank on Rattlesnake Hill as an example, saying the original earmark approval in 2021-22 was for $4 million distributed in two payments of $2 million annually. Meanwhile, the estimated project costs have increased to $6 million. He added the city will continue to look for other financing for that project.

Other funding methods include Community Development Block Grants, state funds, the city’s general fund and the gas tax. Tedford said working in partnership with the Nevada Department of Transportation has made additional projects possible, such as the widening and signalization of the E.C. Best Elementary School intersection on Williams Avenue and Sherman Street.

Tedford compares the importance of the infrastructure of Fallon roads to the bridges and tunnels back east. The mayor said he’s particularly proud of a project that paved and otherwise improved side roads in the areas of Front, Humboldt, Ferguson and Esmeralda streets. According to Tedford, having Esmeralda, which had existed as a dirt road since 1908, made a big difference for the residents living in that neighborhood.

Intended future projects include using general funds for a refurbishing of Laura Mills Park now that additions at Oats Park have been completed. Also, Tedford said Whitaker Lane will be extended across West Williams Avenue and connected to a reconstructed Auction Road that will create more opportunities for businesses in that area.


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