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Trina Machacek: Getting from here to there

Trina Machacek

Trina Machacek

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As we “mature,” some things become more and more a topic of discussion. Recent events have brought to the forefront of conversations the next “here” that we will or will not end up at. My take of course is whatever brings you comfort, that is what I hope for you, me, and my pets. The biggest thing I have noticed is that none of us wants it to hurt. That trip from here to there.

Hurt is a common thing, isn’t it? From that very first boo-boo a tyke will get banging a head on the corner of the coffee table as we learn to navigate this world, to that “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” stage of life. Innumerable hurts are ours to look forward and look back at. Let’s go there, shall we?

If someone were to ask you what the biggest hurt in your life was, would it be physical, emotional or somewhere in between? Would it be a glaring remembrance or something you have to think about? Oh, I do hope that there haven’t been so many that you have to think about which one is the worst.

But! Yes, a pain in the rear end “but.” We all have that one stick and stones and break our bones or split a lip or scrape with death moment. The fact that we lived is a testament to our ability to survive. Surviving is a good thing you know.

What would the outlook look like when we think of getting from here to there, wherever your there may be, if it were a given that the trip was short, full of raindrops and lollipops? Never any form of “ye-ouch” would ever be involved.

Oh, be still our hearts. I would hazard a guess that if you are of an age of let’s say over half a century old, you have at some time seen someone start that trip.

We don’t ever see them end that trip because they are already there from here. I have seen at least a mountain of books and movies of this guy or that girl having taken it and come back. Or heard the footsteps of someone that has taken the trip but has, for some reason not stayed there, or never gotten all the way there.

My belief that I like to think is that wherever the next place is that it is as good as can be. Why do I think that? What gives me the hutzpah to even think that there is so much better than here? Well, just think of it. Nobody ever comes back from there to be here again.

At least if they do, they don’t remember being here before they went there and came back here. Well except for Shirley McClain and the followers of their spirit guides of course. Oh. Oh. Oh. Just as a short side note of that stuff.

Why is it when someone “remembers” a previous life it is always an important or beautiful or rich or royal someone? I do believe that there are more of us mere mortal, average Jim’s and Trina’s in life than there have ever been do-dah high mucky mucks. I guess I could be a high mucky muck – to my CAT! Just sayin’.

The very least of my expectations is that there is an up and down elevator that we are shown. I rather think there will only be an up ride. But to gain access to that up ride? Now there’s the rub. That is up to each person as to the place we go. Or not.

I would not want to have someone tell me how to get “there.” It always comes down to that golden rule, doesn’t it? Treat others how you desire to be treated.

Especially when scooping out the ice cream! Pretend you are talking to whatever or whoever you surmise might or will be “there” as the ice cream is being scooped and say, “l will always give you just a bit more than I take.”

Trina lives in Diamond Valley, north of Eureka. She loves to hear from readers. Email her at  


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