Faith & Insight: Happy Mother’s Day

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Luke actually begins writing his gospel with two stories about mothers! Elizabeth was married to Zacharias, a Jewish priest. Both were far passed the age of childbearing. Excitement was in the air, as he had been called to Jerusalem to actually offer incense in the very temple of God! Family and friends had come along and were waiting in the courtyard during the holy ceremony.

They waited, and they waited. “Where is he, and why is this taking so long?” The truth is that the angel Gabriel had actually come from the very presence of God to announce that they were to have a baby boy who had been chosen to prepare the way for the coming of Messiah Jesus! Upon returning to their home, the truth became evident.

“Look what the Lord has done for me! He decided to help me. Now people will stop thinking there is something wrong with me.” Luke 1:25

Jump ahead five months or so and travel about 90 miles to Nazareth in Galilee as Gabriel now appears to a young girl by the name of Mary. He announces that, although a virgin, she will give birth to the very son of God!

“Even your relative Elizabeth is in her sixth month of pregnancy for nothing will be impossible with God.” Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let this thing you have said happen to me!” Then the angel went away. Luke 1:38

Mary takes the journey to be with Elizabeth and there proclaims that God, “the powerful one has done great things for me. His name is very holy. He always gives mercy to those who worship him.” Luke 1:49-50

As we know, both babies were born and, though dying young, both accomplished great things for both God and mankind. Now, just imagine, Luke begins the greatest story ever told with two mothers!

God chooses special women for the special job of being mothers. These special women accept the responsibility with faith, humility, joy and love. Happy Mother’s Day: God is present, and you are special!

Bruce Henderson is the pastor/minister of Airport Road Church of Christ in Carson City. 


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