Letter: Not voting for Sam Brown

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I won't be voting for Sam Brown to become a senator from the great state of Nevada, that's for sure.

Brown, whose Nevada credentials are dubious at best, has stupidly reopened the Yucca Mountain debate when it was all but dead thanks to the late Sen. Harry Reid and a bipartisan plethora of distinguished Nevadans including Gov./Sen. Richard Bryan and all recent governors, Democrats and Republicans alike.

In 2022 Capt. Brown, a genuine war hero (in Iraq), said he was inclined to turn Nevada into the nation's nuclear waste dump by allowing the federal government – always here to help – to dump more than 70,000 tons of highly toxic nuclear waste at the Yucca Mountain suppository (excuse me, repository) 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

And when asked just last week about the dangerously toxic project, Brown replied as follows: "I am not strictly committed to reopening Yucca Mountain at this time." Well, there you have it. Brown just confessed that he isn't a real Nevadan, nor is he someone who should be representing us in the U.S. Senate.

Guy W. Farmer

Carson City


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