Sierra Nevada Forums: What’s In It for Nevada?

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Sierra Nevada Forums held a forum on Tuesday, May 14, to help explain how the bi-partisan Infrastructure Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the American Rescue Plan are influencing the economy and  workers.

Erik Jimenez, from the State Treasurer’s Office, is in charge of the State Infrastructure Bank. It distributes monies for roads, clean water, renewable energy, sewer, broadband, affordable housing, health care, food, and school buildings, among other projects. $54 million was spent on upgrading the unemployment system. $500 million is being spent on housing units. $135 is being used to try to connect the 40,000 residents who don’t have available broadband. $100 million is assigned for water projects. Over 100 child care seats have been provided so far in Boys and Girls clubs.

Lucas Ingvoldstad is the state director for Rural Development. Carson City is not considered rural, but all the other counties have rural areas. They are a funding agency that provides low-cost loans and grants for a variety of projects across the state. They include housing, water community facilities, business, electric, job training and telecommunication projects.

Sondra Rosenberg oversees the Nevada Department of Transportation’s planning and administration. Nevada has $2.5 billion to spend toward infrastructure over the next five years which has created 19,000 jobs so far. 15 new grants have also been approved for transportation projects, including railroads. Broadband has already been extended down most of Highway 93 and across I 80, eliminating dead spots. 31 grants have been applied for. $11 million has been slated for carbon reduction programs, emphasizing heavy vehicles and safety for bicycles and pedestrians.

The three speakers emphasized keeping in touch with our elected officials about our needs.

Also, future spending of the funds in the three Acts can be found at RD.NV and DOT.NV.GOV


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