Jim Valentine: Where to set the price

When looking to sell your property one area that you will find yourself spending the most time on is the pricing. What is the value?

Nevada casinos rebound in April with $1 billion in win

Nevada casinos reported a 34.8 percent increase in total win for April, a total of just over $1 billion.

Ask Dirk: Pollen and COVID and smoke, oh my!

We’ve had a particularly irritating pollen season and we’re just getting started. Add in the approaching wildland fire season and concerns about the continued spread of COVID-19, now is a good time to talk about indoor air quality.

Jim Valentine: Sizzling market consequences

The real estate market continues to sizzle in Northern Nevada bringing a few consequences to be aware of. With values at, or exceeding, our all-time highs in the area, owners are faced with decisions to make.

Kelly J. Bullis: Ransoms to unlock computer not deductible expense?

Now here is a weird problem. Recently, the Colonial Pipeline on the East Coast was shut down by cybercriminals. It caused a major amount of headaches for folks who couldn’t find a gas station that wasn’t out of gas due to that pipeline shutdown.

Vegas’ 'Real Water' recalled amid death reports

Federal authorities have ordered a complete recall of Las Vegas-based bottled water brand Real Water and ordered the company to surrender records in investigations of at least one death.

Dr. Samantha Schneider talks with us about skin cancer. What you need to know about its causes, treatments, and prevention.

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. In support of May’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Samantha Schneider, M.D sits down with us to talk about America’s most common cancer.

Kelly Bullis: Filing an extension

If you haven’t either filed your 2020 return or at least filed an extension, you’re running out of time.

Most Las Vegas Strip resorts open at 100% with regulatory OK

Gambling giants MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment said Wednesday were opening their Las Vegas Strip gambling floors at 100% capacity with no person-to-person distancing requirement, after state regulatory approval.

Tribal casinos in Las Vegas seen reaching a milestone moment

The purchase by a California-based Native American tribe of a casino resort just off the Las Vegas Strip is being seen a milestone in the evolution of Indian casino ownership in city at the center of U.S. gambling.

Parking fees returning at MGM Resorts hotels on Vegas Strip

The move by MGM Resorts International marks the end of free parking that lingered after pandemic-related casino shutdowns.

'It's crazy busy': Business booming for veterinary industry, animal hospitals

“The most remarkable challenge is how busy every animal hospital is,” says Margie Quirk, owner of Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital in Carson City. “I don’t ever remember being as busy as we are right now during this pandemic. It’s crazy busy.”

Kelly Bullis: Money for small businesses

In light of these turbulent times, many small business owners find themselves short on working capital (some people call that “cash”) to get them over the hump and into more profitable operations.

Jim Valentine: Comparing 2005 market to today’s

Today’s real estate market is similar to that of 2003-05 in that we have prices rapidly increasing to exceptionally high values, but there are significant differences between the two.

Jim Valentine: When you have to sell to buy today

While there are many cash buyers shopping these days, there are also many people who need to sell their home before they can buy a new one.