Trina Machacek: I think I overthink

It’s not unusual for me to plan then change plans, rethinking the original plan and ending up somewhere in the middle. Using the best of both plans.

Dennis Cassinelli: Pahrump’s more recent history

When compared to other Nevada towns which have a long history involving primarily mining and transportation, Pahrump has a more recent history of residential growth and enterprises such as outdoor entertainment, tourism, golf and wineries.

Past Pages for June 9 to 11, 2021

Carson City history from the archive of the Nevada Appeal

Letters to the Editor for June 5, 2021

Letters to the editor of the Nevada Appeal for June 5, 2021

Kelly Bullis: Congress raising gas tax?

How about hearing some “great” news about Congress debating adding a gas tax increase in the current tax bill they are trying to put together to stick it to the rich.

Teri Vance: Learning from mistakes

As I’ve sat through the traditionally inspirational speeches of recent commencement speeches, it’s got me thinking about the reality facing most of these graduates.

Faith & Insight: We will not fear

Well, it may sound like a gross understatement, but we too are familiar with trouble, aren’t we?

Guy Farmer: America’s ‘woke’ State Department

Secretary of State Antony Blinken authorized American ambassadors around the world to fly the racist Black Lives Matter flag on Memorial Day.

Past Pages for June 5 to 8, 2021

Carson City history from the archives of the Nevada Appeal.

Trina Machacek: The day after yesterday

I feel I must complain that Einstein had it all wrong with his E=mc2 theory which touts that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

Letters to the Editor for June 2, 2021

Letters to the editor of the Nevada Appeal for June 2, 2021.

Get Healthy Carson City: Water: The dangers and how to be safe

What often is overlooked, however, are the dangers water presents. An alarming number of drownings happen every year throughout the country in lakes, rivers, canals, and swimming pools.

Past Pages for June 2 to 4, 2021

Carson City history from the archives of the Nevada Appeal.

Jeanette Strong: Facts, not partisan politics

“Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures. You know, if you didn't know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.” Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga. (Newsweek, May 15)

Tom Riggins: Some burning questions

Before I get to today’s topic, two things. First, congratulations to this year’s high school graduates. This has been a tough year, with many events and opportunities normally afforded to you taken away by government mandate. Let this be a lesson you don’t forget about government. I also suggest you read Steve Ranson’s LVN article last week directed to you. Take heed of his advice.