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Kelly Bullis: New tax breaks for 2020

Congress, in its usual manner, made some last-minute tax law changes which is giving the IRS some major trouble to program their computers for filing 2020 tax returns.

Kelly Bullis: Wild West ethics

And it occurred to me that one way to get folks settled back down to being more civil with each other was to go back to the old “code of the wild west.”

Kelly J. Bullis: Accountable Reimbursement Plan

Accountable Reimbursement Plan is a legal agreement between the employer and employee to have the employee turn in a periodic expense reimbursement request.

Kelly Bullis: IRS Direct Pay

If you owe the IRS and want to get their computer off your back, do NOT mail a check to the IRS. The solution? Direct pay.

Kelly Bullis: Shelter home from estate tax

Kelly Bullis: Shelter home from estate tax


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